NE 148th Avenue: NE 146th Drive (north of NE Sacramento Street) to NE Halsey Safety Project

Under Construction
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is planning to update the street design of NE 148th Avenue from NE 146th Drive to NE Halsey Street. PBOT plans to modify how space is allocated on NE 148th Avenue to reduce speeding and improve the street crossing at NE Sacramento Street.
Construction Fall 2023
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What's happening now?

Reorganizing the road lane configuration is complete. Construction of the pedestrian crossing at NE Sacramento and bus pad on the northeast side of NE 148th Ave is scheduled to take place in November and December 2023. 

A map of the intersection of NE Sacramento Street and NE 148th Ave. New sidewalks will be constructed on the south side of NE Sacramento Street. A new pedestrian crossing will be installed on NE 148th Ave at NE Sacramento Street.

What to expect during construction

The first phase of construction (the lane reorganization on NE 148th Ave) is now complete. The second phase of construction (the new sidewalk and intersection improvement) is scheduled to begin the week of November 13.

During construction of sidewalks and ramps on NE Sacramento Street, on the southwest side of NE 148th (in purple in the graphic above):

  • Expect delays and consider taking alternate routes.
  • NE Sacramento Street will be open to two-way traffic/two-way bus traffic, but there will be active construction sites on the shoulders of NE Sacramento Street approaching NE 148th Ave. 
  • Travel slowly and follow all flaggers and in-road signage. 
  • This construction zone is expected to last through the end of the year. Construction cannot take place on days with heavy rain. 

During construction in the street at NE 148th Ave and NE Sacramento Street (in blue in the graphic above):

  • Expect delays and consider taking alternate routes.
  • NE 148th Ave will be open to two-way traffic/two-way bus traffic, but only one lane of vehicle travel will fit through the construction area at a time, and flaggers will be directing traffic.
  • This travel impact is expected to last about 5 days in total, and work may not be able to sequence in back-to-back days. Construction cannot take place on days with heavy rain. 

Project background and goals

The goals of this project are:

  • Increase safety through street design and reduce speeding
  • Construct a marked crossing at NE Sacramento Street

To accomplish these goals, the project plans to:

  • Reduce the number of vehicle travel lanes to create safer places to cross the street and discourage speeding
  • Construct a marked crossing on the north side of NE Sacramento Street and NE 148th Ave and put in streetlights. 
  • Install a new sidewalk with trees and streetlights in front of Margaret Scott Elementary School. 

Extremely high speeds on NE 148th Ave are dangerous for people driving, walking and rolling

Speed is a factor in 47% of Portland's fatal crashes. Higher speeds mean more risk and greater damage when people are distracted, drive impaired, or simply make mistakes.

East Portlanders are at greater risk of injury or death in a traffic crash and disproportionately represented in the city’s crash statistics. A person walking in east Portland is 2.3 times more likely to be hit by a motor vehicle than a person walking in inner Portland.

East Portland's wide streets have historically prioritized motor vehicle speed above everything else, including safety.

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Note: During project development, PBOT heard requests for a pathway connecting the northeast leg of NE Sacramento to the I-84 pathway. We tried to find a way to include it, but ultimately it cannot be included in the summer 2023 construction project due to budget constraints.  

Project outreach

NE 148th Safety Project February 2021 postcard to over 2,000 residents 

Why a pedestrian crossing at NE Sacramento?

We know that safe crosswalks are important to many people in the neighborhood. The nearest marked crosswalk is over a 10 minute walk away from NE Sacramento.

This intersection is also the street crossing location for a future Neighborhood Greenway, which is a low-stress neighborhood street that is designed to be a great place to walk, bike, roll, and play. The Knott-Sacramento Neighborhood Greenway will be an East-West greenway that will connect the Parkrose Heights, Russell, and Wilkes neighborhoods. Planning for that project begins in late 2023.

Project paid for by Fixing Our Streets: Your dime at work.