N Willamette Boulevard Active Transportation Corridor Project

Engineering And Design
N Willamette Blvd is an essential corridor for people traveling throughout the North Portland peninsula. PBOT is excited to have the opportunity to make a major investment to build a world-class biking, walking, and rolling corridor in North Portland.
Improvements at N Willamette Blvd and N Rosa Parks Way
Design 2023-2024; Construction 2025-2026
Location Description
N Willamette Boulevard, from N Richmond Ave to N Rosa Parks Way
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The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is designing improvements for people walking, biking, and using transit on N Willamette Blvd.

This project will add 3 new miles of protected bikeway on N Willamette Blvd, connecting to existing facilities on N Rosa Parks Way, to create a continuous 5-mile connection from St Johns & Cathedral Park to NE MLK Jr Blvd. In addition to bikeway improvements, this project will add new pedestrian crossings, design for safer speeds, and improve access to transit for TriMet Line 44.

This project is funded in part by Metro’s Regional Flexible Funds grant for Active Transportation and is tentatively slated to begin construction in 2025. 

Project Schedule

Please note that the schedule below is tentative and will be periodically updated as design progresses. 

  • 2023-2024:  Design and right of way processes continue for the Active Transportation Corridor Project
  • Spring-summer 2024: Quick Build Bike Lane Extension Project
    • Construction is underway now. Crews are constructing two parking cutouts in what is now the planting strip between the curb and sidewalk to add marked ADA parking areas, and getting ready to construct concrete waiting areas at several bus stops. Striping is slated for later this summer.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: This bike lane striping removes all on-street parking on N Willamette Blvd between N Richmond Ave and N Alma Ave
  • Summer 2024: N Portsmouth Ave to N Carey Blvd Paving and Striping Maintenance Project
    • Curb ramp construction is underway now and is scheduled to finish in July.
    • Paving is slated to begin on August 5th and is anticipated to last three weeks. This work is weather dependent and the schedule may change.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: August 4, 2024 will be the last day for on-street parking on Willamette between N Carey Blvd and N Portsmouth Ave.
  • Winter 2025: Design of the Active Transportation Corridor Project finishes, and project is published for construction contractor bidding process
  • Summer 2025: Construction begins on the Active Transportation Corridor Project, likely lasting 12 months
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: This construction phase will remove the remaining parking along N Willamette Blvd (between N Woolsey Ave to N Portsmouth Ave)

Project Scope

Remote Media URL

Above is a map showing the N Willamette Active Transportation Corridor Project. PBOT understands that this map is not accessible for users of assistive technology. Due to the complexity of the information the map provides and the currently available map platforms at the city, it will take some time to make adjustments. We thank you for your patience while we work on a technology-based solution. As we work toward providing accessibility, please contact email address and/or program name phone number to reach PBOT staff who can assist you to get the data you need from the map. You can also contact PBOT’s ADA Coordinator at Lisa.Strader@portlandoregon.gov or at 503-823-5703. 

Again, thank you for your understanding and patience. 

N Willamette Blvd Segments Map

Protected bike lanes:

Protected bike lanes create a physically separate facility for bicyclists within the same right-of-way as general vehicle traffic. These facilities are some of the safest infrastructure options for cyclists since they reduce potential conflicts between bicyclists and other transportation modes. In order to realize this goal, most on-street parking along N Willamette Blvd between N Richmond and N Rosa Parks Way will be removed to provide adequate space for a world-class, safe, protected bikeway design.

40 foot cross section on N Willamette Blvd
36 foot cross section on N Willamette Blvd

More frequent, safer crossings:

Today, there are few improved crossings along N Willamette Blvd. This project will build on citywide policy and guidance outlined in the PedPDX Plan and Vision Zero Strategy to add new, frequently spaced pedestrian crossings along the entire stretch of the corridor. The highest level of investment will focus on crossings with bus stops that are identified on the Safe Routes to School network, and at the intersection of existing and future bikeways.

New and Improved Crossings:

New and Improved CrossingFunding Source
N Mohawk Ave – new crossingNorth Portland in Motion (NOPIM)
N Tyler Ave – new crossingNorth Portland in Motion (NOPIM)
N Macrum Ave – new crossingNorth Portland in Motion (NOPIM)
N Wall St – new crossingNorth Portland in Motion (NOPIM)
N Monteith – new crossingNorth Portland in Motion (NOPIM)
N Edgewater – crossing upgradeNorth Portland in Motion (NOPIM)
N Ida Ave – transit and crossing upgradesRegional Flexible Funding Grant (RFFA)
N Woolsey Ave - transit and crossing upgradesRegional Flexible Funding Grant (RFFA)
N Chautauqua Blvd - transit and crossing upgradesRegional Flexible Funding Grant (RFFA)
N Wabash – transit and crossing upgradesRegional Flexible Funding Grant (RFFA)
N Rosa Parks – major crossing upgradeRegional Flexible Funding Grant (RFFA)

Safer vehicle speeds:

We have heard time and time again about excessive vehicle speeds along N Willamette Blvd. In addition to reducing the speed limit along the entire corridor from 30mph to 25mph ahead of project delivery, PBOT plans to add fire-friendly speed cushions to the entire project footprint (N Richmond Avenue to N Rosa Parks Way). 

Better bus stops:

Bus stop at N Woolsey Ave

PBOT is implementing new and improved bus stops on transit routes with bicycle facilities. The bus stops along N Willamette Blvd will be improved through this process. The stops at N Ida Ave, N Wabash Ave, N Chautauqua Ave, and N Woolsey Ave will be upgraded with ADA accessible platforms that bicyclists can bike behind, eliminating the potential conflict between buses and bikes. Other bus stops along the route will be upgraded with ADA compliant concrete pads in the furnishing zone so that people using mobility devices can more easily get on and off buses. Some bus stops may be eligible for upgrades, such as shelters and benches.

On-Street Parking Removal and Mitigation

To provide safe and comfortable bike lanes on Willamette Blvd that meet our guidelines, PBOT plans to remove nearly all the on-street parking space on N Willamette Blvd from Rosa Parks Way to Richmond Ave as part of this project. The only exception will be the parking cut-out on the south side of N Willamette Blvd from Portsmouth Ave to Van Houten Ave adjacent to the University of Portland.

To assess the impacts of this parking removal, PBOT conducted a parking occupancy study looking at N Willamette Blvd as well as surrounding blocks in either direction. The parking study indicates that the number of cars currently parking along Willamette Blvd can be easily accommodated on the side streets on the adjacent blocks. In other words, there is substantial spare on-street parking capacity on the closest streets to Willamette Blvd. This means most residents on Willamette Blvd will only need to park roughly one block further away than they are accustomed to currently.

We also found that off-street parking is plentiful along N Willamette Blvd. Nearly all properties have access to off-street parking via driveways or alleys, and it appears much of this space is under-utilized. While we recognize some residents may prefer to use on-street parking for convenience, the presence of so much off-street parking means that removal of on-street parking has less of a negative impact on affected properties.

Recognizing that on-street parking may be needed for people with disabilities without off-street parking, the project team will consider parking cut-outs in the furnishing zone in the following limited circumstances:

  • The property does not have any off-street parking via driveway or alley; AND
  • A resident of the property has a Disabled Person Parking Permit

2024 Maintenance and Quick Build Projects on N Willamette Blvd

While design work continues for the next year on the Willamette Boulevard Active Transportation Corridor Project, some complementary paving and bike lane improvements are planned for construction in 2024. 

2024 Paving and Striping Maintenance Project: PBOT maintenance crews will pave a section of N Willamette Blvd between N Portsmouth Ave and N Carey Blvd. Rather than replacing the existing striping as-is, crews will stripe this section to align with the future protected bike lanes and other improvements slated for construction in 2025-2026. This allows us to avoid grinding out striping on brand new pavement. The restriping will remove all remaining on-street parking on Willamette between N Portsmouth Ave and N Carey Blvd, except for the south side of one block -- N Van Houten Ave to N Portsmouth Ave.

2024 Quick Build Bike Lane Extension Project: The bike lanes on N Willamette Blvd currently end just west of N Alma Ave. This missing piece of the bike network was identified as a strong community desire during the North Portland in Motion planning process. PBOT plans to stripe buffered bike lanes adjacent to the curb to close this gap. On-street parking will be removed on N Willamette Blvd in this area. Then as part of the larger capital project in 2025-2026, construction crews will add concrete traffic separators in the buffer areas. 

Public Involvement Summary


  • Over 30 public meetings and presentations on and near Willamette 
  • Physical mailings to all properties adjacent to on-street parking removal areas (390 recipients) with comment period and exemption option (details below)
  • Interactive online map for the public (27,000+ views as of April 2024)
  • In-person home visits offered to all Willamette neighbors to ask questions and work out site specific issues when possible
  • Letter of support signed by five north Portland neighborhood associations: Overlook, Arbor Lodge, St. Johns, Portsmouth, and Cathedral Park


  • Design visualizations updated and sent to email list (3,074 recipients) – March 2024
  • Door hangers placed on all properties between Portsmouth and Richmond (areas slated for changes beginning in 2024) – January 8, 2024
  • Continued in-person meetings for impacted properties that request a visit


  • North Portland Land Use Group + Transportation Meeting – December 6, 2023
  • Cathedral Park Neighborhood Association – November 14, 2023
  • University Park Neighborhood Association – October 23, 2023 
  • Onsite meetings with adjacent neighbors – Summer/Fall 2023 
  • Willamette Boulevard Pedalpalooza Ride hosted by PBOT PM and Planner – August 27, 2023 
  • Portsmouth Neighborhood Association Update – August 14, 2023 
  • University of Portland 30% Plans Project Check In – July 17, 2023 
  • St Johns Neighborhood Association Update – June 12, 2023 
  • Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee Update – June 13, 2023 
  • Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Updates – January 19, 2023 


  • Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee – October 11, 2022 
  • Project Ideas Open House Pop-Up @ St Johns Farmers Market – August 20 
  • Project Ideas Open House Pop-Up @ Kenton Farmers Market – August 17, 2022 
  • City of Portland Pedestrian Advisory Committee – August 16, 2022 
  • St. Johns Pedalpalooza ride – August 13, 2022 
  • University Park, Portsmouth & New Columbia Pedalpalooza ride – August 11, 2022 
  • Kenton, Arbor Lodge & Overlook Pedalpalooza ride – August 6, 2022 
  • Mailing to nearby properties and owner addresses (416 recipients) detailing project and parking removal – August 2022 
  • Project Ideas Open House Pop-Up @ Our Village Gardens Celebration – July 31, 2022 
  • University Park Neighborhood Association Presentation – June 13, 2022 
  • Portsmouth Neighborhood Association Presentation – June 13, 2022 
  • Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee North Portland in Motion Tour – June 12, 2022 
  • University of Portland presentation to the board – March 17, 2022 
  • Focus Group: St Johns Boosters – January 21, 2022 
  • Issues and Opportunities Workshop with BikeLoud North/Northeast – January 20, 2022 


  • Oregon Walks Plans & Projects Committee Workshop – November 1, 2021 
  • University Park Neighborhood Association Presentation – October 25, 2021 
  • North Portland in Motion Pedalpalooza Kick-Off Ride – August 29, 2021 
  • Cathedral Park Neighborhood Association Presentation – August 10, 2021 
  • Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Presentation – July 15, 2021 

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