N Lombard Main Street Repair Project

Under Construction
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is reconstructing the pavement and curb ramps on N Lombard Street from N Richmond Avenue to N St Louis Avenue through the heart of downtown St. Johns.
N Lombard Main Street historic condition

Construction: September 2021 - August 2022

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What’s happening now?

Construction activities began in late September 2021 and will likely wrap up in fall 2022. As a result of the extensive work set to take place in the roadway, some areas will close during construction. To minimize impacts to businesses, residents and travelers, the contractor will keep as many areas open as possible when not actively under construction and provide flagging and temporary pedestrian routes to safely bypass work zones. Larger street closures will begin in spring 2022.

View construction schedule details here.

Project Background and Description

In 1903, a new streetcar line that traveled along N Lombard opened in St. Johns. These rail lines, still buried under the road, are causing some of the pavement failures seen on the street. In addition, paving over the rail lines throughout the years has caused the profile of Lombard to be unusually sloped, so much so that it is difficult to add curb ramps that meet ADA standards.

To truly make N Lombard through St. Johns comfortable, accessible, safe, and hardy, these rail lines need to be removed and the driving surface reconstructed.

N Lombard Main Street scope

Project Goals

Create an accessible environment for people walking and using mobility devices

  • Adding curb ramps and marked crossings at every intersection between St. Louis and Richmond to improve safety and accessibility, and make it easier for transit riders to access bus stops
  • Remove pedestrian signal at John and replace with rapid flashing beacons at Charleston

Create a welcoming multimodal environment. Help people get to Lombard Main Street easily, reliably, efficiently, and with minimal negative impacts

  • Maintain adequate bike and car parking for people shopping, working, dining, and visiting St. Johns
  • Add bus stop extensions to allow buses to stop in-lane, reducing delays for riders of Lines 4, 16, 44, and 75 while also minimizing parking impacts
  • Analyze cut-through driving behavior that is detrimental to safety and comfort on N Lombard
  • Remove traffic signal at Philadelphia and replace with an all-way stop

Help reduce Portland’s infrastructure funding gap

  • Remove rail and repair/replace pavement throughout project area (Lombard: ~170' east of N Saint Louis to N Richmond Ave). Rebuilding Lombard now will save the city in long-term maintenance costs that continually fix a failing asset

Construction Schedule

The schedule is subject to change depending on weather and conditions in the project area.

First week of May

Traffic will be rerouted around work zones at each location below. Lane closures will occur between the hours of 8 am and 3:30 pm.

  • Lane closures will occur on N Lombard Street at N Chicago Avenue for concrete placement (SE corner). This work is anticipated to take five days.
  • Lane closures will occur for concrete placement at N Lombard Street at N New York Avenue (SW corner) and N John Avenue (NW corner). This work is anticipated to take three days.
  • Lane closures will occur on N Lombard Street at N Alta Avenue for corner demolition. This work is anticipated to take two days.
  • Lane closures will occur on N Lombard Street at N Charleston Avenue for electrical installation. This work is anticipated to take 5 days. During this work, all corners will be demolished and closed one at a time as work is completed.

Second week of May

Traffic will be rerouted around work zones at each location below. Lane closures will occur between the hours of 8 am and 3:30 pm.

  • Lane closures will occur on N Lombard Street at N Charleston Avenue for corner concrete pour prep (S side). This work is anticipated to take five days, with the concrete pour date dependent on weather conditions.

Remainder of May (tentative)

  • Once curb ramp demolition is complete, the south side curb ramps and curb extensions will be formed and poured.
  • At the end of this period, almost all concrete work behind the curb will be complete on the project.

June – August 2022 (tentative)

  • N Lombard full-street closures begin. For this work, the project is divided into three zones: eastern, central, and western. The eastern zone is from east of N Charleston Avenue to west of N John Avenue. Central zone is from west of N John Avenue to west of N Alta Avenue. Western zone is from west of N Alta Avenue to west of N New York Avenue.
  • Each zone will be closed for about a month. As of now, eastern zone will be first (in April), central zone next (in May), and western zone last (in June). Dates and sequencing could change.
  • During this time, sidewalks are open, but everything between the curbs is under construction. This includes removal of asphalt, removal of streetcar tracks, grading of base rock, installation of concrete bus pads, and base lifts of new asphalt. No vehicles are allowed in the closure area.

September 2022 (tentative)

  • Final paving occurs for all reconstructed areas, from N St Louis to N Richmond avenues.
  • Signs, striping and pavement markings are installed.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we begin this major maintenance investment in St. Johns. While the project may be disruptive at times, fully repairing the street now will reduce future disruptions over the next 20 years.

TriMet Temporary Route Changes

TriMet bus service (lines 4, 16, 44, and 75) is moving to N Ivanhoe to make way for road improvements on N Lombard that will upgrade safety and accessibility through the North Lombard Main Street project.

Bus stops on N Lombard between N Richmond and N St Louis will close and buses will use stops on N Ivanhoe for approximately eight months. There will be no Line 16 service north of N Philadelphia (see map below).

Online information will reflect these changes by March 6. Until then, plan to arrive early at your bus stop. Some service stops may be moving to N Ivanhoe before March 6. 

Please plan your trip in advance at trimet.org. Call TriMet Rider Support daily from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at 503-238-7433, or text 24/7. Tweet TriMet 24/7 @trimethelp. 

N Lombard Street Improvements Detour Map
TriMet bus service is moving to N Ivanhoe to make way for road improvements on N Lombard that will upgrade safety and accessibility through the North Lombard Main Street project.

Why is PBOT removing trees? 

PBOT surveyors picked up 134 trees in the overall project area, which are added to a spreadsheet and are flagged in our construction plans. PBOT projects always have an arborist from Urban Forestry on board, who helps evaluate health of the trees and generally advocates for saving as many as possible. In our case, the 24 removals were the trees that could absolutely not be saved. Some of the trees landed right in the middle of where new ADA curb ramps would be located or spots where we needed to place poles for street lighting at crosswalks. Some were already dead or in bad health, and others had already damaged underground utilities, curbs, and sidewalks and would have had to come out sooner or later anyway.

There were also a few smaller, unhealthy trees that our arborist flagged as wanting to remove and replace with healthier, more appropriate species; ones that the project didn't necessarily have to remove but we chose to voluntarily at the recommendation of the arborist, with the idea that the trees we'll be replanting have a better chance of long-term survival.

All trees slated for removal (except three) were removed on Saturday 10/9. The pending 3 trees are the smaller ones near the north west corner of New York. Those are not impacted by the project directly but are slated for removal due to being in poor health and will be replaced with healthier trees based on the arborist’s recommendation.

Trees by the numbers:

  • 134 surveyed in project area
  • 110 trees preserved
  • 24 trees removed (includes 12 nuisance trees)
  • 13 trees to be planted
  • $10,125 paid by PBOT to Urban Forestry to increase the city’s tree canopy (to make up for not being able to replant all 24 removals)

Past meetings and events

October 2020: Online Survey for Businesses

July 2019: Online Survey for Community Members

May 23, 2019: Design Concept Open House

February 20, 2019: St. Johns Business Boosters presentation and discussion

January 14, 2019: St. Johns Neighborhood Association meeting -- project overview and early design concept

January 15, 2019: James John PTA meeting - project overview and early design concept; discussion with PTA about students' walking routes

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Project Funding

$3 million for pavement reconstruction from the Build Portland investment program
$2 million for safe crossings, curb extensions, and upgraded bus stops from PBOT

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