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N Lombard Main Street Repair Project

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Engineering and design

This project will remove old, buried rail lines in N Lombard that make the street difficult to maintain and add pedestrian and multimodal improvements.

Construction begins late Summer 2021
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What’s happening now?

Design is complete. Next step is procurement (getting a construction contractor on board). Procurement takes approximately 4 months. 

Project Background and Description

In 1903, a new streetcar line that traveled along N Lombard opened in St. Johns. These rail lines, still buried under the road, are causing some of the pavement failures seen on the street. In addition, paving over the rail lines throughout the years has caused the profile of Lombard to be unusually sloped, so much so that it is difficult to add curb ramps that meet ADA standards.

To truly make N Lombard through St. Johns comfortable, accessible, safe, and hardy, these rail lines need to be removed and the driving surface reconstructed.

N Lombard Main Street scope

Project Goals

Create an accessible environment for people walking and using mobility devices

  • Adding curb ramps and marked crossings at every intersection between St. Louis and Richmond to improve safety and accessibility, and make it easier for transit riders to access bus stops
  • Remove pedestrian signal at John and replace with rapid flashing beacons at Charleston

Create a welcoming multimodal environment. Help people get to Lombard Main Street easily, reliably, efficiently, and with minimal negative impacts

  • Maintain adequate bike and car parking for people shopping, working, dining, and visiting St. Johns
  • Add bus stop extensions to allow buses to stop in-lane, reducing delays for riders of Lines 4, 16, 44, and 75 while also minimizing parking impacts
  • Analyze cut-through driving behavior that is detrimental to safety and comfort on N Lombard
  • Remove traffic signal at Philadelphia and replace with an all-way stop

Help reduce Portland’s infrastructure funding gap

  • Remove rail and repair/replace pavement throughout project area (Lombard: ~170' east of N Saint Louis to N Richmond Ave). Rebuilding Lombard now will save the city in long-term maintenance costs that continually fix a failing asset


Project development: fall 2018 to spring 2019

Design: spring 2019 to winter 2021

Break ground target: summer 2021

Past meetings and events

October 2020: Online Survey for Businesses

July 2019: Online Survey for Community Members

May 23, 2019: Design Concept Open House

February 20, 2019: St. Johns Business Boosters presentation and discussion

January 14, 2019: St. Johns Neighborhood Association meeting -- project overview and early design concept

January 15, 2019: James John PTA meeting - project overview and early design concept; discussion with PTA about students' walking routes

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Project Funding

$3 million for pavement reconstruction from the Build Portland investment program
$1 million for safe crossings, curb extensions, and upgraded bus stops from PBOT

Planning Documents