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The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is building immediate connections and safety improvements in Portland's pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and traffic calming networks.
Image show new bike lane and sign reading, "new traffic pattern ahead"
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What is happening now?

Projects for 2023 construction season are completed. Projects for 2024 are either awaiting construction or in design.

Project locations

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This is a map showing projects Multimodal Missing Links projects.  It shows the locations for multiple project types throughout the city. Project types include improvements such as crosswalks, bikeway improvements, and speed bumps. PBOT understands that this map is not accessible for users of assistive technology. Due to the complexity of the information the map provides and the currently available map platforms at the city, it will take some time to make adjustments.  We thank you for your patience while we work on a technology-based solution. As we work toward providing accessibility, please contact email address and/or program name phone number to reach PBOT staff who can assist you to get the data you need from the map. You can also contact PBOT’s ADA Coordinator at or at 503-823-5703.

Again, thank you for your understanding and patience.

Project sources

Projects are developed from many different sources, including community requests (such as 311) and from adopted plans. Examples of planning efforts guiding investments include the Safe Routes to School Priority Investment Plan, implementation plans such as North Portland in Motion, and the Portland Transportation System Plan. In addition, Multimodal Missing Links projects can bridge funding or implementation gaps from other capital projects, install critical updates to the transportation system during paving, and improve immediate operational or safety issues. 

Will my project be considered?

If you have an immediate safety concern or would like to suggest a project idea, please contact 311 for assistance.

Program Highlight

N Interstate Avenue traffic safety improvements, include more space for bike lanes, updated crosswalks, and intersection treatments. Construction took place installed in July and August, 2023 by PBOT contractors.

PBOT staff reviewed N Interstate Avenue from N Fremont to NE Oregon (approximately 1.75 miles) and found locations where updates could improve safety by creating more space between bike lanes and auto travels lane, highlighting intersection turning movements, and updating crosswalks.

Image shows four locations with updated bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements

N Interstate Avenue safety improvements include bike lane buffers, updated crosswalks, and intersection turning movement markings.

Why safety improvements on N Interstate Avenue?

N Interstate Avenue is identified as a high crash corridor, particularly for people bicycling. Between 2010 and 2014 there were 25 crashes involving cyclists between NE Oregon Street and N Columbia Avenue. Staff identified safety improvements that could be installed immediately with available funding through the Multimodal Missing Links program. North Portland in Motion includes recommendations for additional N Interstate Ave improvements.

Upcoming Program Highlight

SE Woodward Street and SE 59th Avenue intersection improvement.

PBOT staff joined the South Tabor Neighborhood Association on March 21st, 2024 at 7pm. View the presentation here:

Concept designs and key questions for community about operations for SE 59th and SE Woodward.
Click the line to see what 12" concrete separators look like. 
Image shows concept design for SE 59th and Woodward intersection
Image shows one concept design for SE 59th and Woodward intersection
Image shows concept design for SE 59th and Woodward intersection

Upcoming paving updates

PBOT's paving schedule and projects are still under development. Potential updates to roadway configurations during paving can be found here or on individual project webpages (also linked here).


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Capital Project Manager, PBOT

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