Mason/Skidmore Neighborhood Greenway Project

In Planning
The Mason/Skidmore Greenway will be a new east-west neighborhood greenway connecting to existing north-south greenways at NE 37th Avenue, NE Cully Blvd, and NE 77th Avenue.
Coming in 2024

Project location

NE Skidmore Street from NE 37th Avenue to NE 47th Avenue and NE Mason Street from NE 47th Avenue to NE 77th Avenue.

About the project

This project is part of a larger Neighborhood Greenways initiative to connect neighborhoods, schools, parks, jobs, commercial centers, transit, and other destinations throughout Portland. Neighborhood greenways are low-traffic and low-speed streets where we give priority to people walking, bicycling, and rolling. Project elements include speed bumps, pavement markings and signage. 

NE Mason/Skidmore Street: Overview Map

Additional opportunities for this project

  • Safety improvements to crossings at NE 42nd Avenue and NE Cully Blvd.
  • Access management/treeway extension at NE 72nd Avenue and NE Mason Street.
Image of possible plaza design at NE 72nd Avenue and NE Mason Street
Possible plaza/treeway extension at NE 72nd Avenue and NE Mason Street.

What's happening now?

The development phase is complete and the project has moved forward into early design. Public outreach began in Fall 2022 and will continue throughout design. The project will be constructed in Spring 2024.

Project Funding

This project is funded by Fixing Our Streets, the 10 cent voter approved gas tax.