Lombard Pedestrian Enhancements Project

Under Construction
On narrow or busy sidewalks, it can be tough to get around. The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and Prosper Portland are partnering to fix broken sidewalks, add street trees, and improve accessibility on N Lombard Street.
Walking on Lombard Street
October 2020
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What’s happening now?

Construction began October 26, 2020. Please contact the project manager if you have questions about construction or access.

Project Background and Description

This project focuses primarily on the intersection of N Lombard St. and N Greeley Ave. (West Node), with a small amount of work at the intersection of N Lombard Street and NE Albina Avenue (East Node). The design is based on the Lombard Investment Strategy.

Proposed improvements on N Lombard Street from N Drummond Avenue to N Burrage Avenue: 

  • Street trees and furnishing zone improvements (the furnishing zone is the space between the sidewalk through-zone and the street) 
  • Bike racks
  • Sidewalk and driveway apron reconstruction

Proposed improvements at N Lombard Street and NE Albina Avenue and N Mississippi Avenue: 

  • ADA upgrades (pedestrian push buttons) at existing NE Albina Avenue traffic signal
  • Curb ramp reconstruction (8 corners total, 4 each at NE Albina Avenue and N Mississippi Avenue

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