Halsey-Weidler Streetscape Project: NE 102nd to 112th avenues

A joint project of Prosper Portland and the Portland Bureau of Transportation, this project aimed to improve safety, operations, and access for people walking, biking, driving and taking transit.
Halsey-Weidler Streetscape completion 1
Complete July 2019
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Project Background

Halsey-Weidler Streetscape completion 2
Halsey-Weidler Streetscape completion 3

The project aims to support the economic development of the Halsey-Weidler business area within the Gateway District and the identity of the surrounding neighborhood. The following improvements were constructed on NE Halsey and NE Weidler between NE 102nd and 112th Avenues:

Pedestrian Improvements

  • ADA-accessible pedestrian curb extensions on every intersection corner. All intersections in the project area were updated
  • Pedestrian-scaled street lighting at intersections
  • Three new signalized pedestrian crossings (rapid flashing beacons) at 106th and Halsey

Bicycle Improvements

  • Enhanced (parking-protected) bike lanes on NE Halsey and Weidler  
  • Marked bike crossings at key locations

Transit Improvements

  • Transit curb extensions at key bus stop locations along the corridor
  • Bus stopping in outer travel lane to improve travel times along corridor

Pavement Repair

  •  NE Halsey repaved (a three-inch grind and overlay paving) between NE 102nd and 112th Avenues  


  • Replaced existing signals at 102nd and Halsey and 102nd and Weidler
  • Added three new pedestrian signals (rectangular rapid flashing beacons)

Community Placemaking

  • 103rd Festival Street between NE Halsey and NE Clackamas Street - the project constructed a concrete festival street with street trees and street seating that the public can use for community events. Traffic on 103rd to be restricted during permitted events.
  • East Entry Triangle at 112th - the project constructed a public plaza, stormwater facility, solar installation, street trees, and lighting at the East Entry Triangle which serves as a gateway to the Halsey-Weidler business district.
Before and after photos of project

Project Funding

$5,564,700 from:

  • Prosper Portland Gateway URA Funding
  • Portland Bureau of Transportation System Development Charge funds
  • Portland Bureau of Transportation Gas Tax revenue (signal rebuilds)
  • Fix Our Streets Funding (pavement repair)
  • Bureau of Environmental Services % for Green program (stormwater facility at east entry triangle)