Errol Heights Street Improvement Project

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The Errol Heights Street Improvement Project will pave the neighborhood’s gravel streets, add sidewalks to the two main east-west routes through the neighborhood, add street lights, address drainage issues, and improve water quality in Johnson Creek.
Errol Heights neighborhood
Construction began summer 2022
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Construction Update - June 2023

The first phase of paving is scheduled for June 12 and 13.  Streets to be paved include SE Nehalem Stereet between SE 46th and SE 48th Avenues as well as SE 48th and SE 49th Avenues between SE Malden and SE Tenino Drive. The remaining gravel streets in Errol Heights will be paved later this summer in one or two additional phases.  More information will be released to the neighborhood once the additional paving is scheduled. 

Other work this summer will include construction of stormwater conveyance ditches and regional stormwater facilities, roadway grading, flush concrete curbing, sidewalks, corner ramps, retaining walls and the installation of additional streetlighting throughout the neighborhood.  Landscaping and street tree planting will begin fall 2023 and continue through spring 2024. 

Work to Date:

Kodiak Pacific Construction began work on the Errol Heights Street Improvement Project in June 2022.  All major work items should be completed by fall 2023 with plantings continuing through spring of 2024.

Construction crews spent the majority of 2022 installing the stormwater infrastructure on the project. This included installing thousands of feet of stormwater main pipe, multiple sedimentation manholes and sump systems (drywells) as well as culverts and ditch inlets/catch basins throughout the project area.

In January 2023, crews shifted their focus to construction of the gabion and concrete retaining walls throughout the project area.  

In spring 2023, Kodiak began grading of the roads throughout Errol Heights in preparation for summer paving. Work this spring will also include additional construction of concrete retaining walls, sidewalk on SE Malden and SE Tenino Drive/Tenino Court and stormwater detention facilities on SE 45th and SE 52nd. 

Project Background and Components

Two images, side-by-side, "Environmental Services City of Portland" and "Portland Bureau of Transportation"

Portland’s Bureau of Transportation and Bureau of Environmental Services are coordinating on street and stormwater improvements in Errol Heights. This pilot project will improve safety, accessibility, stormwater management, and protect water quality in local creeks and streams. Working together ensures successful outcomes, including reduced costs, improved efficiency, and enhanced service delivery to the Portland community.

The project will improve about 1.2 miles of unpaved streets in the neighborhood where steep slopes, seeps, springs, and soils create local drainage issues and erode gravel roads. Poor road conditions impact the neighborhood’s livability and make it challenging for residents to walk, bike, drive, or be served by emergency vehicles.

As a pilot project for the city of Portland’s Neighborhood Streets Program, the project is an opportunity to highlight cost-effective designs for neighborhood streets and stormwater management, which can be used in areas that would be difficult or costly to serve.

Proposed Transportation Improvements

  • 16’ to 28’ wide paved streets with gravel shoulders for parking.
  • Sidewalks will be located on the north side of Malden Drive and on the south side of Tenino Drive/Court. Portland Parks & Recreation will pay for sidewalks and pathways that serve the park. 
  • Malden and Tenino Drive will have a curved roadway design to help slow traffic.
  • Street lights will be added where needed to improve visibility of pedestrians.
  • Street trees will be planted to meet the City’s Urban Forestry requirements for street improvements.

Proposed Stormwater Improvements

  • Swales and pipes will carry stormwater from the streets to sumps (dry wells).
  • Two larger stormwater facilities will slow and filter storm runoff: "West Basin" at SE 45th Avenue and Tenino Drive, and "East Basin" at SE 52nd Avenue and Tenino Court. Both facilities will be landscaped and incorporated into the design of Errol Heights Park.

Project Funding

The total estimated project cost is $9.3 million. The City has allocated $7.7 million in public funds to pay for project design and construction of the street improvements and stormwater facilities.  Property owners will collectively contribute $1.6 million through the formation of a Local Improvement District (LID) to fund a portion of the construction costs related to street improvements (grading, paving, sidewalks, driveway connections). Special financing for the LID will allow all homeowners to defer payment of the LID assessment until properties are sold. Portland Parks and Recreation will approximately $1 million to the project to cover the cost of constructing street and sidewalk improvements on SE Tenino Court adjacent to Errol Heights Park. 

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Errol Heights Street Improvement Project