East Portland Arterial Streets Strategy (EPASS)

The East Portland Arterial Streets Strategy (EPASS) informs new designs for 11 large, busy streets - "arterials" - east of NE/SE 82nd Avenue, including safety enhancements and some changes to the number of vehicle lanes. Many of the recommended projects are in design or under construction.
A picture of NE Glisan Street, including protected bike lanes and a pedestrian crossing
Multiple projects under construction 2019-2025
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PBOT streets with 4+ lanes east of NE/SE 82nd Ave
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Project Background

A map showing which streets will get road reorganizations.
Streets shown in blue and orange will feature roadway reorganizations that convert some vehicle lanes to other uses to improve safety. Streets shown in dark gray will feature other safety improvements.

Heavily-used arterial streets in East Portland - such as Division, Stark, Glisan, and 122nd – see a disproportionate number of serious and fatal crashes. PBOT is transforming these streets with more than a dozen capital projects to address these tragic safety problems and add missing facilities such as sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, bike lanes, and street lights.

Some projects convert vehicle lanes to other uses, which makes some people ask: how does that work in a growing area, and what happens to traffic patterns if we narrow multiple streets in the same area? Other projects maintain five vehicle lanes because of high travel demand, requiring us to look at other safety interventions. Is PBOT using the most appropriate and effective tools to reduce crashes while making sure people can get to their jobs, schools, and other destinations on time, whether by walking, biking, taking transit, or driving?

EPASS addresses these and other questions through safety studies, traffic analyses, and community input. At the heart of EPASS is a "Preferred Scenario" and a series of Corridor Summaries that show what is proposed on each of the 11 PBOT streets with four or more lanes east of NE/SE 82nd Avenue. These summaries provide the people of East Portland certainty about how their major streets will look and function into the future.

Final Report

The EPASS final report is now complete. Download the main report:

Download the technical appendices here (98.0Mb)

Projects Incorporating EPASS Findings

A number of capital projects that incorporated the safety and traffic analysis findings of EPASS are now in design engineering or under construction. Find more information about each project here:

Project Videos

Check out these videos about two different approaches to making East Portland arterial streets safer. The first one explains the science behind roadway reorganizations (reallocating some vehicle space for other uses, also known as road diets). The second video describes what other safety tools we use when roadway reorganizations are not advisable due to traffic volumes.

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