East Burnside Safety Improvements

This project improves East Burnside with additional curb extensions, new pavement, and signal modifications.
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Project Background

PBOT considers East Burnside Street to be a High Crash Corridor, which prioritizes installation of safety projects on and near the road. From 2004 to 2013, 203 people were injured while traveling on East Burnside between 18th Avenue and Cesar Chavez Boulevard. The Vision Zero crash map identifies all crashes in Portland that resulted in injuries or deaths over this time period.

Enhancements along East Burnside support earlier safety improvements. Since 2014, PBOT has reorganized East Burnside Street to add a turn lane and curbside parking. PBOT has also reduced the posted speed to 30 miles per hour and installed new marked crosswalks with pedestrian islands at three intersections. These changes improve access to transit, support the business district, and enhance safety for people walking, biking, and driving.

PBOT is improving East Burnside Street by adding the following elements in 2016:

  • Additional curb extensions and pedestrian islands at intersections between 18th Ave and Cesar Chavez Blvd
  • New pavement on East Burnside St. from 20th Ave to 32nd Ave
  • Signal modifications between 18th Ave and Chavez Blvd to improve westbound traffic flow in the morning

Project Funding

$2.5 million from Portland City Council’s 2015 general fund allocation for road safety