Cully Neighborhood Street Improvement Project

Engineering And Design
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will improve several streets in the Cully neighborhood by paving gravel streets, adding sidewalks, and traffic calming. The Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) and Portland Water Bureau (PWB) are project partners, upgrading area infrastructure.
Design 2021-2023, Construction 2024

What’s Happening Now?

  • Design is close to finished (currently nearing  final design, minor corrections and tweaks remain prior to bid) -- the interactive map map of the project below is still reflective of the overall design
  • Right of way process is underway for temporary construction easements, primarily for properties on NE 73rd Ave
  • 70s Greenway: Cully Connector will be bundled with the Cully Neighborhood Street Improvement Project for construction, in an effort to better coordinate construction impacts and detours for the neighborhood
local gravel neighborhood street in Cully
Unimproved NE 70th Avenue in Cully

Project Background

In 2016 City Council adopted the Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge (LTIC), a fee that developers pay along unimproved streets in single-family zoning areas as an alternative to constructing sidewalks. Council then directed PBOT staff to develop an investment strategy for these funds. Using a methodology that included equity, effectiveness and efficiency, staff developed and Council adopted a strategy to invest collected LTIC funds in three areas: Cully in northeast Portland, Division-Midway in outer southeast Portland, and the Tryon-Stephens headwaters area in southwest Portland.

These three areas had high needs in terms of unimproved streets that serve as important routes to neighborhood destinations, and underserved populations including high proportions of people of color, people with lower incomes, and people that rent their homes. The three areas also had neighborhood street plans adopted by City Council, identifying locations for investment.

In the Cully neighborhood, the goal of the project is to pave nearly all remaining gravel streets, and to strategically add sidewalks to a smaller number of streets (see details in Project Scope section below).


Topographic surveying: Summer 2020 – Winter 2020-21

Design engineering and public involvement: Spring 2021 – Winter 2023

Construction: likely begins in 2024

Project Scope

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The streets targeted for investment in this project are shown above. These streets were chosen based on equity (prevalence of lower incomes, people of color, and renters); and effectiveness (routes that lead to neighborhood destinations such as parks, schools and transit).

Please note that due to a bug in the way that Google Maps interprets the engineering linework, the plans and aerial image do not perfectly align. The improvements are shown in the map about 7' too far to the east. If you'd like help interpreting the plans near your property, please get in touch with the project manager (info above).

  • Pave gravel streets: NE 62nd, 64th, 66th, 68th, and 70th*Avenues between NE Prescott Street and NE Sumner Street (NE 73rd Avenue to be paved to NE Killingsworth Street)
    • *NE 70th Avenue will be paved and have new pedestrian and bicycle connections, but will not be fully widened between NE Going Street and NE Alberta Street for vehicular traffic
  • Add sidewalk: NE 66th Avenue (sidewalk on east side of street), NE Going Street (sidewalk on north side of street) NE Alberta Street (sidewalk on south side of street), NE 73rd Avenue (sidewalk on west side of street)
  • PBOT is working collaboratively with the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) and will be adding new stormwater infrastructure as part of the project

View interactive project map here

Project Funding

Most project funding comes from LTIC as described above. Other funding on the project includes:

  • Transportation System Development Charges: Fees paid to PBOT when people develop new homes and other buildings
  • General Fund: Discretionary city funds authorized by City Council, under the banner of the “Up Out of the Mud” initiative
  • Portland Bureau of Environmental Services: PBOT is in a partnership with BES due to the need to upgrade stormwater management infrastructure in the project area

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