82nd Avenue Critical Fixes: Major Maintenance

Engineering And Design
As part of this project, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will make urgent safety and maintenance improvements to 2.5 miles of NE 82nd Avenue from Fremont Street to Schuyler Street and SE 82nd Avenue from Mill Street to Foster Road.
An artist's rendering on 82nd Avenue looking south toward SE Foster Road shows pedestrians walking and pushing strollers on a wide sidewalk, with a new tree-lined median island in the center lane.
Construction 2024-2026
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What's happening now?

May 17, 2024 Update

The project team reviewed comments from the 60 percent public comment period and has incorporated feedback where feasible. The project is now at draft final design. At this stage of the design process, the project team refines final designs and the right-of-way process begins.

In a few key areas, the project team will take a little more time to design improvements. We’ll conduct additional public engagement to make sure designs are aligned with future transit investments and meet the needs of the community.  

Areas of 82nd that will be the focus of this additional engagement include: 

  • Adjacent to Eastport Plaza
  • Adjacent to Multnomah Cemetery 
  • SE Mitchell Street intersection
  • Between SE Powell and Holgate boulevards

PBOT is working with Metro, TriMet and partners from Clackamas County to conduct a transit alternatives analysis for potential bus rapid transit service. Between SE Powell and Holgate, the future transit project may include more significant changes to the roadway in this area to address transit delay.

Paving, signals, and ADA ramp work in these areas will be delivered on a different construction timeline and are funded and programmed for construction within the next six years. While we are slowing down on design of these segments to allow for community conversations, we will continue to move forward on the rest of the improvements planned with the Major Maintenance Project. 

Construction is expected to start this summer and continue through 2026.

Over the next year, we will continue to work with 82nd Avenue businesses in these areas to continue to refine designs. For example, Eastport Plaza is welcoming new tenants this spring and will be home to the newest location of Hong Phat in the former Walmart site. We recognize a need to plan holistically with Eastport Plaza and adjacent neighborhoods to ensure 82nd Avenue designs are meeting the needs of this dynamic area. 

In addition, we will continue to coordinate with agency partners Metro and TriMet to align designs with both the 82nd Avenue Transit Project and future Building a Better 82nd Avenue projects.

Project overview

Overview project map identifies the project improvement areas in a light orange color. This project includes improvements on NE 82nd Avenue from Fremont Street to Schuyler Street and SE 82nd Avenue from Mill Street to Foster Road.
Overview project map identifies the project improvement areas in a light orange color. This project includes improvements on NE 82nd Avenue from Fremont Street to Schuyler Street and SE 82nd Avenue from Mill Street to Foster Road.

As part of the Critical Fixes: Major Maintenance Project, PBOT will improve 2.5-miles of NE/SE 82nd Avenue (two segments). This project is entering the design phase and will be in construction from 2024 through 2026. 

The project areas were selected based on: 

  • Safety needs 
  • Pavement maintenance needs 
  • Serving equity 
  • Serving Centers (e.g., Jade, Lents) and other major destinations (e.g., Eastport Shopping Center, McDaniel High School) 

In addition, PBOT selected these areas because the designed improvements can be constructed largely within the existing public right-of-way. 

Critical Fixes: Major Maintenance Project improvements will:  

  • Provide safe and comfortable places for people to cross 82nd Avenue by installing pedestrian signals, bike signals at neighborhood greenways, and median islands 
  • Reduce the risk of serious injuries and fatalities for all people traveling by installing median islands in areas with a high crash history 
  • Mitigate the impact of extreme heat events by planting trees where possible 
  • Improve accessibility by installing ADA curb ramps for people using mobility devices, wheelchairs, and strollers 
  • Address maintenance needs through repaving, signal reconstruction, and updated street markings 

Pedestrians cross a four-lane street with landscaped, tree-lined median islands in the center lane. Drivers wait at a red light while pedestrians cross.
As part of the Major Maintenance Project, PBOT will install two signalized pedestrian crossings with median islands along 82nd Avenue, similar to this example rendering, which is based on a 60% design concept. 82nd Avenue at SE Lafayette and 82nd Avenue at SE Raymond will look similar to the above example. Within the intersections, medians will feature a red stamped brick pattern. Trees are set back from the intersection to maintain visibility and allow for emergency vehicle movements.

Reducing fatal and serious injury crashes  

Pedestrian crossings and median islands 

In the most recent 10-year period of available crash data (2012-2021), there have been 14 traffic deaths and 122 people seriously injured in crashes on 82nd Avenue south of Lombard Street within the city of Portland. Preliminary estimates for 2022 – 2023 include 4 additional traffic deaths occurring on 82nd Avenue.

In that 10-year period, more than 90% of traffic deaths were pedestrians or bicyclists, or people in cars turning left at locations without signals. Two-thirds of all serious injuries were pedestrians or bicyclists, or people in cars turning left or crossing at locations without signals.

That’s why PBOT will build safe pedestrian crossings and median islands, two of the most effective measures to reduce or eliminate pedestrian and turning vehicle crashes. 

PBOT will also plant trees in medians where possible, increasing the urban tree canopy along 82nd Avenue. In addition to contributing to a sense of community and livability, increasing the urban tree canopy is one critical way we can mitigate temperatures during extreme heat events. 

Installing safe pedestrian crossings and median islands will result in adjustments to how people delivering goods and visiting businesses access driveways and local streets. We recognize this may create inconvenience for some businesses, but this inconvenience means improved safety for everyone. 

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Planning documents

Draft Final Concept Design (released May 2024)

60% Draft Concept Design (released January 2024)

30% Draft Concept Design (released March 2023)

Project timeline

Construction will begin as soon as summer 2024. Construction is expected to last through the end of 2026.

Graphical timeline of the major maintenance project

Project funding

$55M from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

Public involvement 

Upcoming public involvement

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Past public involvement

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Read our 2023 Public Involvement Summary: 

Prior to 2023 

PBOT and other agencies have conducted extensive community engagement over the past 10 years, including:  

Through the ODOT-led planning process (2018), PBOT identified priority enhanced crossing locations on 82nd Avenue. These were vetted with the community through the planning process and included in the ODOT 82nd Avenue of Roses Implementation Plan. The crossing location recommendations included Ash and Beech intersections.

The City conducted interviews with property owners, business owners, and community members, as well as market research to better understand barriers to redevelopment.

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About Building a Better 82nd  

Ownership of 82nd Avenue is being transferred from the state to the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). A critical north-south connection and one of Portland’s high-crash corridors, 82nd Avenue is in urgent need of significant investments to improve safety and address maintenance issues. 

Critical Fixes Now 

PBOT is investing in 82nd Avenue to deliver critical fixes. These urgent safety and maintenance repairs to the corridor include repaving and ADA corner ramps, pedestrian crossings, street lighting, safety improvements, tree planting, and sidewalk improvements. Critical Fixes projects will be in construction between 2023 and 2026.    

Future Investments Next 

While completing the most critical repairs, PBOT will identify and prioritize future investments for a better 82nd Avenue. Over the next two years, PBOT will conduct broad and inclusive community engagement and work directly with community-based organizations and agency partners to determine what the bureau should focus on for improving 82nd Avenue long-term.