82nd Avenue Critical Fixes: Glisan and Davis Signal Improvements

Engineering And Design
As part of this project, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will make critical safety improvements to 82nd Avenue, including rebuilding signals at NE 82nd Avenue at Glisan and Davis streets.
Street signs mounted on a signal pole say NE 82nd Ave and NE Glisan St with black smaller signs that say 82nd Avenue of Roses
Construction 2025-2026
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Project overview

This project includes two signal rebuilds on NE 82nd Avenue, at NE Glisan Street and at NE Davis Street. The project scope also includes ADA ramp upgrades and additional safety improvements.

NE Glisan and Davis signals are part of PBOT's Building a Better 82nd Avenue Critical Fixes. By the end of 2026, nine signals and three beacons will be rebuilt along 82nd Avenue to include modern safety and traffic operation technology.

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Project timeline

Design will take place in 2023 and 2024 and construction is expected in 2025 and 2026.

Project funding

$4.8M from the Federal Highway Administration

Public involvement 

PBOT faces a tight timeline to deliver critical fixes on 82nd Avenue.

To meet the construction deadline, PBOT will rely on insights from the extensive community engagement the bureau and other agencies conducted over the past 10 years, including: 

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About Building a Better 82nd

A critical north-south connection and one of Portland’s high-crash corridors, 82nd Avenue is in urgent need of significant investments to improve safety and address maintenance issues. As of June 2022, ownership of 82nd Avenue transferred from the state to the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Critical Fixes Now

PBOT is investing $80 million in 82nd Avenue to deliver critical fixes now. The needed basic safety and maintenance repairs to the corridor include paving, crossings, lighting, safety improvements at intersections, and sidewalk improvements.

Future Investments Next

After making the most critical repairs, PBOT will invest $105 million in future investments for a better 82nd Avenue. Over the next two years, PBOT will conduct broad and inclusive community engagement and work directly with community-based organizations and agency partners to determine what the bureau should focus on for improving 82nd Avenue long-term.