70s Neighborhood Greenway: SE Flavel to NE Sacramento

Under Construction
PBOT is constructing a new neighborhood greenway route between SE Flavel Street and NE Sacramento Street around the '70s' numbered avenues.
Construction 2023-2024
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What’s happening now? 

The project has been completed. 

On NE 72nd Drive through Rose City Golf Course the project will re-purpose the northbound lane of NE 72nd Drive to become a shared car-free path for people walking and biking. Southbound cyclists will ride in the downhill direction with mixed traffic. 

Based on concerns from some community members, we will monitor resulting traffic patterns around Rose City Golf Course, adjust signal timing at 82nd/Tillamook, and install guide signs recommending that vehicles use the major street network.

Once the project is complete, we will re-engage the community around Rose City Golf Course to hear feedback on how the built project is performing. 

Project Background

This project will provide a six-mile north-south biking and walking route from SE Flavel Street to NE Sacramento Street through seven east side neighborhoods. Improvements include enhanced crossing treatments at busy streets such as curb extensions, median islands, and rectangular rapid flashing beacons, as well as speed bumps and wayfinding on lower-traffic streets.

Key Design Elements

NE 72nd Drive in the Roseway neighborhood

On NE 72nd Drive in the Rose City Golf Course this project will re-purpose the northbound lane to be a shared car-free path. Southbound cyclists will ride in the downhill direction with mixed traffic. Full access to the Golf Course will be maintained from NE Tillamook Street.

NE 72nd Drive new traffic configuration

NE 74th Ave at NE Tillamook St

New high-visibility marked crossings at the intersection of NE 74th Avenue and NE Tillamook Street will help people walking and rolling safely cross the street. These markings also assist in general wayfinding as one travels along the 70’s Greenway.

NE Halsey Street Connection

As the 70’s Greenway intersects NE Halsey St, new protected bike lanes will make the brief transition on this busier street safer and more comfortable.

SE 78th Ave at SE Foster Blvd

This project will include a major crossing improvement at SE 78th Avenue at SE Foster Boulevard. This intersection improvement will include a two-way cycle track connection, curb extensions, new median islands, and high-visibility crosswalk markings.

NE Everett St: 76th to 78th

This project will be paving Everett St from 76th to 78th. Seven foot (7ft) sidewalks will also be included on both sides of the road. The width of the road includes parking on both sides.

An infographic describing elements of the 70s Greenway.

Project Funding

$5.2 million funded by both Federal funds and System Development Charges.

Project Documents