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4M Neighborhood Greenway: SE 130th Avenue to SE 174th Avenue

Engineering And Design
The 4M Neighborhood Greenway will be constructed on SE Mill St., SE Millmain Dr., and SE Main St. between SE 130th Ave. and SE 174th Ave. It will create new opportunities for people to walk, bike, and roll on streets running parallel to the high-traffic SE Stark and SE Division corridors.
Construction to start back up summer 2021
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What's Happening Now?

Speed bumps were installed on SE Main St. between 162nd and 174th in April 2020. Construction will start back up in summer 2021.

Project background and description

This project is part of a larger Neighborhood Greenways initiative to connect neighborhoods, schools, parks, jobs, commercial centers, transit, and other destinations throughout Portland. Neighborhood greenways are low-traffic and low-speed streets where we give priority to people walking, bicycling, and rolling.

Planned project elements include: 

  • Bike lanes and pavement markings
  • Street lighting
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Speed bumps
  • Sidewalk infill
  • Tree planting 
4M Neighborhood Greenway Rendering of added bike lanes
Conceptual rendering of 4M Neighborhood Greenway: 130th-135th, 138th-140th, 150th-162nd with bike lanes with parking on one side
4M Neighborhood Greenway rendering of enhanced roadway
Conceptual rendering of 4M Neighborhood Greenway: 135th-138th, 140th-150th, 162nd-174th with enhanced shared roadway with parking on both sides (fire-friendly speed bumps & sharrows)

Project map

4M Neighborhood Greenway: SE 130th Ave. to SE 174th Ave.

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