3rd Avenue Reconfiguration Project

The community-endorsed plan will result in safer pedestrian crossings, a bicycle lane, reduced travel speeds for motor vehicles, and increased pedestrian space.
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Project Background

A group of local businesses, neighborhood representatives, and social service providers have created a consensus plan to improve the business environment along 3rd Avenue in order to increase daytime vitality in the neighborhood for residents, workers, and tourists. The plan for improvements includes the section of 3rd Avenue between the Steel Bridge and SW Stark Street.

Project Components

The next step in the project is to transform 3rd Avenue into a two-lane street throughout the corridor. At the request of the community, the PBOT evaluated the plan and found no significant increase in delay for motor vehicle operators with a two-lane configuration. Further, a road restriping project will not remove on-street parking or affect current loading zones. It is anticipated the restriping work will occur in mid to late September.

Project Goals

As a part of the plan, PBOT recently installed 14 new crosswalks in the area. The new two-lane roadway configuration will further increase pedestrian safety by creating a shorter distance that pedestrians have to cross with moving motor vehicle traffic. The project will also improve the bicycle network by connecting the existi

3rd Ave Reconfiguration plan map

ng bicycle lane on 3rd that terminates at NW Davis with the existing bicycle lanes on Stark and Oak Streets. The new lane will be a wide, buffered bicycle lane to increase comfort for all ages and abilities of bicycle riders, such as tourists and families. The bicycle lane design will also reduce conflict between bicycle and motor vehicle traffic.

Ankeny Alley Plaza

In addition to the roadway striping work, businesses near the Ankeny Alley are working together to create a potential future plaza space on 3rd Avenue between Burnside and Ash Streets that would be on the east side of the street. The Ankeny Alley Association is leading that discussion with hopes of introducing a public plaza that may happen in the next year.


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