West Burnside Bus Improvements

Engineering And Design
This Central City in Motion and Rose Lane Project will improve speed and reliability for eastbound transit riders along W Burnside by providing a bus-and-turn (BAT) lane from 8th to 3rd avenues.
Construction schedule under development
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What's happening now? 

W Burnside construction is schedule is under development.

In 2022, PBOT partnered with the Old Town Community Association to identify livability improvements to deliver alongside the W Burnside Bus Improvements project. Identified improvements included street lighting and brick paver repair. 

  • PBOT improved street lighting by trimming tree limbs partially blocking street lights. We also inventoried street light outages and made repairs to PBOT-owned street lights. 
  • PBOT is supporting OTCA in repairing and replacing of damaged pavers along 3rd and 4th avenues as part of the W Burnside Rose Lane project. This work will be scheduled in the coming months and anticipated to be complete by summer 2023. 

Project Overview

Through the Rose Lane Project, PBOT is giving buses and streetcars priority on the road, helping more Portlanders get where they need to go more reliably and quickly.  

This project will extend the existing eastbound bus-and-turn (BAT) lane on W Burnside from 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue. In addition, high-visibility crosswalks will be installed to improve safety for pedestrians.  

This project builds upon a multiyear effort to improve bus speed and reliability along the Burnside corridor in the Central City, including a 2019 project improving the Burnside Bridge and an upcoming project on E Burnside from the Bridge to SE 12th avenue. 

In order to maintain two general purpose lanes on the corridor, the project will close the left turn lane at 4th Avenue and repurpose it into a general travel lane. 

After this project is complete, Central City in Motion’s SW 4th Avenue project will improve bike access along W Burnside from 4th to 3rd avenues.  

Project benefits 

Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes on W Burnside will improve the speed and reliability of bus service without reducing access to local destinations. Transit priority BAT lanes will allow the buses to access and get to the Burnside Bridge, relieving a major bottleneck in the transit system. 

The new bus lane will benefit the thousands of Portlanders who travel on TriMet lines 12, 19, and 20. 

Learn more about Rose Lane projects along bus line 12 and their benefits. 

Learn more about Rose Lane projects along bus line 20 and their benefits. 

Project impacts

In order to maintain two general purpose lanes on the corridor, the project will close the left turn lane at 4th Avenue and repurpose it into a general travel lane. 

Adjusting to the pandemic and building a just recovery 

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the way we get around, including Portland’s transit system. It has also amplified racial inequities. Our pandemic response must prioritize racial justice and investments that serve communities most affected by this public health crisis.  

The Rose Lane Project is still a priority for PBOT. Transit remains one of the most efficient, sustainable and equitable ways to move people around our growing city. The Rose Lane Project will give buses and streetcars a leg up, helping today’s transit riders enjoy a better journey and encouraging more to get on board when it is safe to do so. The improvements we plan to roll out this year will have an immediate impact on Portlanders who must keep riding transit during the pandemic, including frontline workers. It is also a down payment on the future we want, helping our most important transit lines to keep running smoothly as traffic returns and demand grows.  

The Rose Lane Project can help us achieve a just recovery. The project timeline is subject to change as we assess and respond to changing conditions.  

Project timeline 

  • Winter 2021 - Public engagement 

  • Spring 2022 – Finalize design 

  • 2024 – Construction 

Project funding 


Public Involvement 

Past public involvement 

Planning documents 

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