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SW Alder Street Rose Lane Project

This Central City in Motion and Rose Lane Project is improving speed and reliability for eastbound transit riders along SW Alder Street from W Burnside Street to SW 2nd Avenue. The first phase of the project is complete, supporting a route change to TriMet Line 15 and providing bike improvements.
TriMet Line 15 bus travels down the street passing a new transit platform.
Phase 1 Construction Completed July 2022
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What's happening now?

TriMet's eastbound Line 15 is now serving SW Alder and construction is complete!

We're seeking community feedback on SW Alder Rose Lane Project and want your input on future improvements we should make! Planning for additional improvements to improve transit, pedestrian and bicycle connections will begin within the next year. 

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Project photos

A sidewalk with a new blue TriMet bus pole next to a new asphalt transit platform. A newspaper box and bike rack s also in view on the sidewalk.
Completed installation of a new transit platform and bus stop at SW Alder at 6th Avenue.
Sidewalk with a new TriMet bus shelter next to an extended transit platform. A person waits for the bus. in the shleter
Completed installation of a new asphalt transit platform and new TriMet bus shelter at SW Alder Street at 10th Avenue.
A street design with two lanes for autos, a parking lane, and a wide buffered bike lane
SW 2nd at Washington, looking south. PBOT installed a buffered bike lane from Alder to Washington with the SW Alder Rose Lane Project. Buffered bike lanes improve comfort and safety for people bicycling.
Intersection with white pedestrian crossing bars and green bicycle crossing bars. A runner crosses the street.
Completed installation of bus and bike improvements on SW Alder at 14th Avenue, looking west.

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Project Overview

Through the Rose Lane Project, PBOT is giving buses and streetcars priority on the road, helping more Portlanders get where they need to go more reliably and quickly.  

A rainbow colored bus stops at a new asphalt bus platform, two people are boarding the bus.
Two passengers board a TriMet Line 15 bus at the new transit platform at SW Alder Street and 6th Avenue.

This project supported TriMet's Line 15 route change, which will move the eastbound bus from SW Salmon Street to SW Alder Street to reduce travel time and simplify the route. Improvements on SW Alder Street feature in-lane bus stops and transit priority improvements.  The project  resulted in on-street parking and loading zone adjustments. 

This project:  

  • Provided accommodations for five new bus stops on SW Alder Street at SW 18th, 14th, 10th, 6th, and 2nd avenues 
  • Provided a new dedicated eastbound bus lane on SW Alder Street between SW 4th and 2nd avenues, benefiting transit riders on TriMet Line 15  
  • Provided a new eastbound protected bike lane on SW Alder Street between SW 4th and 2nd avenues 
  • Provided a new northbound protected bike lane connection on SW 2nd Avenue between SW Alder and Washington streets to connect to existing protected bike lane north of SW Washington Street 
  • Installed two asphalt transit platforms on SW Alder at 10th and 6th avenues, to facilitate the bus stopping in-lane and more space for people accessing transit. A future project phase will build permanent concrete curb extensions and shelters. 
  • Installed high-visibility crosswalks at priority crossings along SW Alder Street. 
  • Supported moving TriMet bus Line 15-Belmont/NW 23rd off SW Salmon Street to SW Alder Street to reduce travel time.  
  • The dedicated bus lane will be created on SW Alder Street by re-purposing on-street parking on some blocks
Map of TriMet Line 15 Belmont/NW 23rd Route Change
Line 15 – Belmont/NW 23rd Route Change shows new TriMet stops on SW Alder and the new Line 15 bus route. Source: TriMet.

Learn more about the Bus Line 15 route change coming in Spring 2022 as a part of TriMet's 2021-2022 Transit Service Improvements.  

Project benefits 

A bus-and-turn (BAT) lane on SW Alder Street from SW 4th to 2nd avenues improves the speed and reliability of bus service. The BAT lane allows the buses to get to the Morrison Bridge, relieving a major pinch point in the transit system and benefitting the thousands of Portlanders who travel on TriMet line 15. 

Because of these improvements, transit riders going eastbound on line 15 are expected to save two minutes or more of travel time.  

This project builds upon Portland’s existing efforts to improve transit speed and reliability. 

Learn more about Rose Lane projects along bus line 15 and their benefits

Riding the bus 

  • A fast and more reliable trip - the new bus-and-turn lane allowsTriMet buses and riders to bypass congestion 
  • Asphalt curb extensions at bus stops allow buses to stop in lane and save time from not waiting to merge back into traffic 
  • TriMet service changes began May 15, 2022, reducing travel time for riders.  


  • Adding a travel lane for buses provides more space for vehicles, reducing travel times on SW Alder Street 
  • Right turns from SW Alder Street onto SW 3rd Avenue are prohibited, vehicles can access SW 3rd Avenue via SW 1st Avenue 


  • A more comfortable bikeway – people on bikes have a dedicated space to ride in between 4th and 2nd avenue, with room to pass stopped buses 
  • A protected bikeway – New plastic curbs and posts will separate the bike and bus lane from regular vehicle lanes between 4th and 2nd avenues
  • A safer bikeway – right turns are prohibited at SW 3rd addressing the potential risk for right hooks 

Project timeline 

Project funding 


Planning documents 

(Note: The following documents have maps and information that may not work with a screen reader. While we work toward providing that level of accessibility, please contact PBOT Project Manager Briana Orr at for assistance with providing access to the information in the documents. You can also contact PBOT’s ADA Coordinator at or at 503-823-5703. Thank you for your patience and understanding.) 

Materials from Rose Lane winter 2020/21 online open house