Burnside Bridge Bus/Bike Lane Project

This project created a new bus lane running eastbound across the Burnside Bridge starting at W 2nd Avenue and extending to 12th Avenue on the eastside.
CCIM Burnside Bridge project section rendering
Complete 2019
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Project Background

CCIM Burnside Bridge project before and after

During the Central City in Motion planning process, the critical role our Willamette River bridges and the approaches to them came up again and again. During the busiest commuting hours, everyone, regardless of how they travel, needs to use these streets to cross the river. 

The new bus lane benefits the thousands of Portlanders who travel on TriMet lines 12, 19, and 20. Additionally, protected bike lanes were added in both directions for more comfortable cycling across the bridge.

The project is part of a series of improvements PBOT is making in partnership with TriMet across the city. PBOT is currently awaiting FHWA approval to pilot red painted lanes commonly associated with transit lanes and will be strategically adding the red paint to further distinguish the BAT lane in the future.

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