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Better Naito Forever

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Naito Parkway is a critical transportation spine along the west side of the Willamette. This project will implement a year-round version of Better Naito, providing a two-way cycletrack and sidewalk along the west side of Waterfront Park.

Construction 2020
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What's happening now?

Finalizing designs. Construction anticipated Fall 2020 - Fall 2021.

Project Benefits


More efficient traffic signals: the project will upgrade traffic signals to detect and dynamically adjust to vehicle queues, minimizing impacts to northbound drivers. Signal upgrades and advanced vehicle detection will facilitate auto access to I-5 via the Morrison Bridge.


Dedicated pedestrian routes: the concept includes sidewalks to connect the gaps between existing sidewalks on the west side of Waterfront Park as well as shorter crossing of Naito.

Biking or Scootering

Permanent, dedicated bike facilities: this project will create a permanent two-way cycletrack for cycling and scooting by converting one of the right-hand northbound auto lanes.

Visiting Waterfront Park

The new walking and biking facilities will allow easy, accessible access to Waterfront Park events such as Cinco de Mayo and Rose Fest.

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