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Portland Downtown Heliport

The City owns and operates the public-use Heliport for the benefit of all users. The Heliport offers convenient access to downtown Portland 24 hours a day. The Heliport is part of a multi-modal transportation hub offering access to light rail, bus, water transportation, parking, and bike share.

Location and Access

Map of Downtown Portland Heliport on top of the Naito and Davis SmartPark garage
Map location of Heliport

 The Heliport is located atop the city’s Naito and Davis SmartPark garage located at NW Naito Parkway and NW Davis Street in downtown Portland.

The Heliport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access to the Heliport is limited to those who use the Heliport for transportation by helicopter. Users can obtain a numeric code to be entered on the elevator keypad for access to the Heliport at the roof-top level. For security reasons, the elevator access code will not be given out over the phone or email. 

Heliport Amenities

Image of heliport conference room

The Heliport consists of a 200 ft. by 220 ft. rooftop area, providing a landing pad, taxiways and four helicopter parking positions. There are no fueling or maintenance facilities, and the Heliport is unattended. However, fueling and maintenance services are available at Portland International Airport (6 miles to the northeast) and at Hillsboro Aviation (13 miles to the west).

The Heliport offers a conference room, which is available to Heliport users on an advanced reservation basis. The room has free wifi access available through the City Guest network. The room is not available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6 – 7 PM while it is being cleaned. Restroom facilities and a weather station are also available.

For conference room reservations, please follow this link  or call 503-823-5049 for assistance. 

Automobile parking is available at normal city rates in the SmartPark garage below the Heliport.

Pilot Information

FAA identifier: 61J

Pilots should self-announce flight intentions in the blind on 123.075 MHz Common Traffic Advisory Frequency. All pilots using the Heliport are to immediately report any perceived facility safety, maintenance, or operations problems to the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Documents and Helpful Links

Heliport Information

Heliport Conference Room Reservations

Heliport User Email List

General Information

For information about federal regulations and guidelines, aircraft certification, training resources, or to look up aircraft tail numbers, visit the FAA website

Information on the FAA's guidelines for noise abatement can be found here

Up-to-date Federal Aviation Regulations and the complete Aeronautical Information Manual can be found at here

For information about registration and licensing aircraft in Oregon, the Oregon Airport System, and grant opportunities for facilities within Oregon, visit the Oregon Department of Aviation.

For information about the helicopter industry, helicopter flight safety, and the annual HELI-EXPO, visit the Helicopter Association International

For information on the voluntary noise reducing Fly Neighborly program visit the Professional Helicopter Pilots Association.