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Pay by Plate FAQs

A list of commonly asked questions related to the new pay-by-plate parking meters. This FAQ provides more detailed information than the On-Street Parking Guide.
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What is Pay by Plate?

Pay by Plate is another way to pay to park at a meter. Customers purchase parking time at a meter using their license plate number. There is no paper receipt to lose or misplace. Purchase time is tied to your license plate. An electronic receipt can be sent via text message to your cellular phone.

Where are the Pay by Plate meters?

Click here to see a map of the meter locations, updated daily as new meters are installed.

Is there an additional cost when paying for parking through Pay by Plate?

No, Pay by Plate meters have the same rates as regular Pay and Display meter.

How do I differentiate Pay by Plate meter from Pay and Display meter?

While all meters look similar, the Pay by Plate meters have a keypad on the front of the machine and will have different Informational Stickers and Display as shown below:

Pay by Plate versus Pay and Display

How do I use a Pay by Plate meter?

Pay by plate instructions. For more information call 503-278-5410.

How do I enter my license plate?

Use the keypad on the meter to enter your license plate including the stacked characters [alphanumeric only, no special characters]. See examples below:

Standard licence plate entry


Pacific Wonderland entry


Specialty Plate entry


Veteran Plate entry


You need a Temporary Registration Permit or a Trip Permit to allow you to temporarily use an unregistered vehicle on Oregon roads. Please enter the permit number as shown below, including letters and numbers. Do not use the VIN number.

Vehicle Trip/Temporary PermitPermit number to enter

Oregon Trip Permit


Oregon Temporary Permit


What if I type my plate number in wrong?

It is very important to review all of your parking details before purchasing your time. Parking session cannot be adjusted once started. Should you start a session on the wrong license plate, you will need to immediately start another session with the correct license plate number. If Parking Enforcement Officers are not able to match the license plate on your vehicle with the transaction data, you will receive a citation.

Why don't pay by plate meters print a receipt?

At pay by plate meters, Parking Enforcement no longer needs the printed receipt to verify payment.  This reduces paper waste and maintenance costs by eliminating paper and printer service issues.  Payments are now sent electronically to Parking Enforcement devices.

How can I get a receipt?

You have three options to obtain a receipt. Immediately after completing your purchase at the meter, you have an option to have the receipt sent via text message to your mobile phone (message and data rates may apply). Twenty four (24) hours after your purchase, you can click here to look up your Pay by Plate parking meter receipt and view or print a copy for your records. Additionally, receipts are available by calling 503-278-5410 and providing details about your parking session which will allow the customer service team to look up your transaction and email or mail the receipt as requested.

How do I check my purchase time?

You can check if you still have remaining time on your purchase from the same meter where you purchased your time. On the Pay by Plate meter main menu, select [CHECK] button and enter your license plate number. If there are multiple transactions, only the last transaction will be shown.

Can I extend my time? 

You cannot extend your current parking session as the new transaction will be new and separate session. You can purchase a new session and continue to stay in the same block face as long as your total stay is within the maximum time posted. At short-term meters, it is unlawful to extend the parking time beyond the designated limit for parking in the metered space [City code 16.20.430 (B)]. 

Can I move spaces after I paid with Pay by Plate?

Yes, as long as it is within the same meter district. You can also start a parking session from Pay by Plate meter and park in an area that has a Pay and Display meter (and vice versa) as long as you stay within the same meter district and within the maximum time posted on the block where you parked.

How does Parking Enforcement know I paid?

The Pay by Plate meters sync with Parking Enforcement handheld devices so Officers can see the purchases made on Pay by Plate meters.

Can I purchase a ticket from the Pay & Display meter and use it to park at a Pay by Plate meter?

Yes, you can as long as they are in the same meter district. However, you need to display the ticket as instructed as the Pay & Display meter does not sync with Parking Enforcement handhelds.

Any other way I can pay to park?

Yes, you can also pay by phone with the City-owned Parking Kitty app. 

Where do I go for more information or if I have a question on how to use the meter?

For question and help please call 503-278-5410.