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Common Parking Violations and Bail Schedule

The most common parking violations and the bail amounts (citation fee) for parking citations according to the type of violation. Information provided by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). Bail schedule set by Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Most common parking violations

Learn more about paying/contesting a parking ticket

Abandoned autoOn-street parking is intended for the short-term parking of vehicles, and long-term storage of private property is not allowed. Any type of vehicle abandoned and/or stored on the public right-of-way more than 24 hours will be subject to CITATION and TOW AWAY.  This includes boats, campers, trailers, etc.  $285 
Area permit requiredArea Parking Permit Zones were designed to prevent commuters from parking in residential areas, and every vehicle must have a permit or adhere to the posted visitor limits. If your vehicle is parked without a permit for longer than the posted visitor limits you may be subject to citation. Learn more about the APPP program$85 
Blocked drivewayYou cannot block a paved or unpaved driveway including the curb returns or wings, even if the driveway has gates, chains, posts, or other barriers. $95 
Disabled/wheelchair zoneOnly vehicles with a DMV authorized disability plate/placard may use disability zones, whether on a public street or in parking lot open to the public.  Learn more about disability parking in Portland.$165 
Failure to display current registrationVehicles parked on the public right-of-way must have current registration or current permit.  Contact Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services for registration renewal.$70 - $145
Fire hydrantYou cannot park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant in any location.  The fire hydrant does not have to be posted by signs or a yellow curb.$155 
Handicapped RampYou cannot park your vehicle parked in front of an ADA access ramp. The City is currently installed ADA ramps across the City, please ensure that you are not blocking an ADA ramp while you park, or you may be subject to citation.$215 
Improper display of parking meter receiptTo ensure the safety of Parking Enforcement Officers, meter receipts must be properly displayed on your vehicle (see your meter receipt for proper display instructions). Officers will not enter the traffic lane to verify if you have a parking receipt. If you are parking in multiple locations within a meter district, please check to make sure that your meter receipt is in the correct location before leaving your vehicle. Better yet, use our Parking Kitty mobile app, then you don't have to worry about it!$44 
Meter feedingAt any short-term meter (4 hours or less) you can only park for the maximum time on the posted time limit. If you purchase additional meter receipts beyond the maximum stay allowed, this is meter feeding, and you may be subject to a citation. Meter feeding is only allowed at long-term meters (5 hours or more). To avoid a citation, you must move your vehicle to a different blockface and pay for more parking time there.$44 
No front or rear plateVehicle does not have the state supplied front and rear plates mounted.$85 
No meter receiptWhen you park in a metered space you must pay for parking. If you do not have a meter receipt displayed or have not paid via the mobile app or the pay-by-plate machine, you may be subject to a citation. Learn how to use a pay-by-plate a paystation or the City's Parking Kitty mobile app.$65 
No parking anytimeYou are not allowed to park anywhere with yellow curb markings or where there is a "no parking" sign. If your park your vehicle here, you may be subject to citation.$85 
Overtime meterTo help with vehicle turnover at short-term meters (4 hours or less), parking meters have limits on the amount of time you can park there. If you stay beyond the posted time limit, you may be subject to a citation. To avoid a citation, you must move your vehicle to a different blockface (such as across the street or around the corner).$44 
Prohibited timeCertain commercial corridors have times of the day where parking is prohibited, and the parking lane is converted to a travel lane to help with traffic. These are often called "pro time" areas. If you are parked during a prohibited time you may be subject to citation and tow.$95 
Reserved zoneOn-street parking can be reserved for a variety of reasons, and during the reserved time only authorized vehicles can park there. Reserved parking spaces will be clearly marked with specific dates, days, and/or times. Parking in a reserved space may be subject to citation and tow. Learn more about Temporary Parking, Sidewalk, Street Use Permits.$85 
Truck Loading zoneTruck loading zones were created to help local businesses with the loading and unloading of goods. During the posted time of the loading zone, only box trucks, pick-up trucks, or a vehicle registered with the DMV as a van. These vehicles must have company signage displayed on both sides and may only park in the loading zone for 30 minutes while actively loading and unloading.$95 
Upper NW area permit requiredThis citation is the same as "Area parking permit" listed above but is issued specifically in the NW District (the areas surrounding NW 21st and 23rd). Learn how to use a pay-by-plate a paystation or the City's Parking Kitty mobile app. Learn more about the APPP program. $85 
Upper NW No Meter ReceiptThis citation is the same as "no meter receipt" listed above but is issued specifically in the NW District (the areas surrounding NW 21st and 23rd). Learn how to use a pay-by-plate a paystation or the City's Parking Kitty mobile app.$65 
Wrong wayYou must park your vehicle facing in the direction of traffic when parallel or angle parking. Motorcycles may angle park in a parallel space. Failure to park in the direction of traffic may be subject to citation.$55 

Other parking violations

Abandoned Auto$285
Alarm (vehicle)$55
Angle parking$55
Area permit abuse$130
Area permit required$85
Bike lane$85
Blocked street/alley$85
Blocked driveway$95
Blocking view at intersection$85
Bridge approach$75
Bus zone$105
Carpool zone$95
CEID area permit required$85
Compacts only$55
Compliance required$65
Cycles only$55
Disable permit invalid use$440
Disable permit unlawful use 1st offense$165
Disabled placard misuse 1st offense$165
Disabled/Wheelchair zone Pco 1st offense$165
Divided highway$85
Double parking$85
Driver remain at wheel$75
Edge line$75
Failure to display current registration (0 to 90 days)$70
Failure to display current registration (91 or more days)$145
Failure to display meter receipt off street$65
Fire hydrant$155
For sale on public street$65
Government vehicle prohibited$65
Government vehicles only$45
Handicapped ramp$215
Hotel zone$55
Improper display parking meter receipt$44
Improper use carpool permit$130
Improper use of reserved zone$65
Improperly secured vehicle$55
In lieu of off street storage$155
Keys left in ignition$55
Loading zone$95
Mail zone$55
Mass-Transit lane/street$75
Meter feeding$44
Metered loading zone$85
Motor running$55
No front or rear plate$85
No meter receipt$65
No Parking - Auxiliary Lane$250
No Parking Anytime$85
No Parking In Block$85
No Stopping Or Parking$85
Non-Compliance- Electric Car$65
Non-Designated Parking$65
Official zone$55
Over 1 foot from curb$55
Over space line$44
Overtime meter$44
Overtime parking$44
Overtime parking meter - 2nd$50
Overtime parking meter - 3rd$70
Overtime parking zone - 2nd$50
Overtime parking zone - 3rd$70
Park over crosswalk$95
Park over sidewalk$85
Park within intersection$75
Pedestrian way$75
Planting strip$55
Preventing free passage$85
Prohibited time$95
Re-Park same block meter$44
Re-Park same block time zone$44
Reserved zone$85
Right of way for parking$55
Within10 feet of rural mailbox$55
School zone$85
Taxi zone$60
Temporary no parking$85
Theater zone$55
Truck loading zone overtime$95
Truck off street parking required$155
Truck/Trailer prohibited$155
Unlawful receipt$105
Upper NW Area permit required$85
Upper NW no meter receipt$65
Upper NW overtime  Long-Term meter$44
Upper NW overtime Long-Term meter - 2nd$50
Upper NW overtime Long-Term meter - 3rd$70
Upper NW overtime Short-Term meter$44
Upper NW overtime Short-Term meter - 2nd$50
Upper NW overtime Short-Term meter -3Rd$70
Upper NW Short-Term Meter no meter receipt$65
Water meter blocked$65
Wrong way$55
Yellow curb$85


PBOT Parking Enforcement

phone number503-823-5195Staff are available and check voicemails regularly at the following times: Monday - Friday: 6:15 a.m. - 11:15 p.m., Saturday: 8:15 a.m. - 11:15 p.m., and Sunday: 8:45 a.m. - 11:15 p.m.

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