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Parking Kitty FAQs

A list of commonly asked questions related to Portland's parking mobile pay app, Parking Kitty. This FAQ provides more detailed information than the On-Street Parking Guide.
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How Do I Use Parking Kitty/How Do I Pay with My Phone?

Download the City-owned Parking Kitty app from the App Store or Google Play.

A web version is also available at

Download the app. Create, register and verify your account. Find your zone and pay (zone numbers are on the paystation). Receive text alerts and send email receipts.

Please note: your wireless carrier’s message and data rates may apply.

Is There a Fee to Use Parking Kitty?

Yes, there is a 60-cent fee for each session.

What Devices and Browsers Support Parking Kitty the Best?

We highly recommend using Apple or Android for downloading the application. When using mobile pay web, browsers such as Chrome, FireFox and Safari are the most compatible.

Why Doesn't the Meter Change/How Does Enforcement Know I Paid?

The meters don’t sync with our system, but the parking enforcement officers will see your mobile payment on their handheld device.

What is the Parking Kitty Code or Zone/How Do I Find it?

The Parking Kitty code or zone number is required to start your parking session and identifies where you are parked. You can find this number on the parking sign above the meter (the code is in pink). You can also look up the number on this interactive map, and also from the app in the "Find Parking" section of the menu. 

How Do I Enter My License Plate Number?

Enter your license plate number including the stacked characters [alphanumeric only, no special characters]. See examples below. 

An oregon license plate


A "Pacific Wonderland" Oregon license plate


A "Crater Lake" Oregon license plate


Oregon veteran license plate


You need a Temporary Registration Permit or a Trip Permit to allow you to temporarily use an unregistered vehicle on Oregon roads. Please enter the permit number as shown below, including letters and numbers. Do not use the VIN number.

An oregon trip permit


An Oregon temporary registration permit


How Do I Delete or Update My License Plate Number?

Go to mobile app sidebar for Parking on left of screen. From drop-down menu select Vehicles. In next screen select vehicle plate you want to delete or update. In Vehicle Details screen select Update bar or Delete Vehicle bar. 

Where Is the Menu Located?

The menu button is the icon with the three white lines in the left-hand corner of the screen.

How Do I Know My Parking Session Has Started?

When using the application, you will know your parking session has successfully started once you see the countdown timer on the screen.

Why Won't the App Let Me Extend My Time?

If you can’t extend your time it could be because you have already reached the maximum stay allowed within your zone.

How Do I View My Parking History/Get Receipts?

To view your parking history you can use the app or website. Click ‘Parker History’ in the side menu and you’ll be able to view previous parking sessions and access receipts. The app only shows recent history. For a full parking history, visit If you would like individual receipts emailed to you, please go into the Parking Kitty App, hit the sidebar menu at the top left (looks like a hamburger) and the select "Parker History". There you will see each parking session and can have an receipt emailed to you. 

How Do I Manage Alerts/Reminders?

Login to your account and click ‘Options’. Use the checkboxes to enable/disable the reminders.

Can I Park Multiple Cars?

You can start additional parking sessions for different vehicles by clicking ‘New Session’ in the side menu.

How Do I Add/Delete a Payment Card?

Login and select ‘Payment’ from the side menu.  Select ‘Add Card'. Enter your new card information and check the ‘Save payment info’ if you wish to save this card for future use.  To delete a card, select ‘Payment’ from the side menu and choose the card you wish to remove, then ‘Delete Card’.

How Do I Add Another License Plate Number to My Account?

Login and select ‘Vehicles’ from the side menu. The app will save recent license plate numbers you’ve used before too!

How Do I Reset My Pin?

To change your PIN you will login to the app or website and select the ‘Reset Pin’ button on the first page. It will then ask you for your current card information on your account for security reasons. If you don’t know your old card information please send an email to

The Rates Shown in the App Do Not Match Signage at My Parking Location?

Call the City of Portland Help Desk at 503-278-5410 or email PBOT Parking Meters PBOTParkingMeters@portlandorego….

How Do I Change the Email Address on My Account?

To change your email address you can use the app or website. Login and select ‘Profile’ from the side menu and then update your email.

How Do I Deactivate My Account?

To deactivate your account you must go to Login and select ‘Profile’ and then hit deactivate account.

What Is the Difference Between a Verification Code and My Pin Number?

The verification code is a three (3) digit code that verifies you have entered in the correct cell phone number or email when signing up. The PIN number is a four (4) digit number of your choice that you will login with.

Can I Move Spaces While I Have an Active Session?

Yes, you can move spaces as long as your new space is in the same meter district that you began your parking session in. Questions regarding parking rules for a specific location should be directed to the local parking operator.

Can I Stop My Parking Session?

There’s no need to stop the parking session. It will end when the selected stay has ended.

What If I Encounter a Technical Issue?

You can send a bug report from within the menu of the app and our support team will get back to you promptly. If you are unable to complete your transaction through Parking Kitty, pay at nearest Paystation.