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Order Signs to Prevent People Parking and Blocking your Mailbox

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) can install signs to prevent people parking and blocking your mailbox. A $75 fee applies. If this is a new or infrequent problem, you may instead call PBOT Parking Enforcement at 503-823-5195 or request mailbox stickers by calling 503-823-7275.

The form should take 10 minutes to complete. Allow 4-6 weeks for installation

  1. Check eligibility

    If this is a new problem, PBOT recommends calling Parking Enforcement at 503-823-5195 for infrequent or rare blocking of your mailbox. You may also order free stickers from PBOT which read "DO NOT BLOCK MAILBOX 8AM-6PM DELIVERY DAYS" by calling staff at 503-823-7275. If these options have been exhausted, you may fill out this form for PBOT to install a sign for a fee of $75.

  2. Print out and complete application ahead of time

    You may download, print out, and complete your application before you arrive. Extra forms are available in our office if you need. 

  3. Visit our customer service center

    This location accepts cash, check, money order, and credit cards. Checks or money orders should be made payable to City of Portland. Visit our customer service desk at:

    1120 SW Fifth Ave., Suite 1331
    Portland, OR

    Contact us with any questions

    Need help with your application or have other questions?

    Contact PBOT's Parking team here: