FAST STOP 5-Minute Parking Zones Information

Photo of 5 Minute Fast Stop sign with sky background on left. On the right half is the text "Introducing the 5 minute Fast Stop. Because everyone needs five minutes sometimes.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is creating new, permanent five-minute free parking zones for quick drop-offs and pickups.
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Inspired by PBOT’s successful Healthy Businesses five-minute pickup/drop-off program to help support businesses amid the Covid-19 pandemic, PBOT piloted these 5-minute zones in five locations throughout the city with an eye to roll them out citywide beginning in August 2021. Following the success of the pilot program, the bureau is now offering Fast Stops to businesses across Portland.

View the pilot report here 

Who can use these FREE, 5-minute spaces? 

Photo of a parking sign downtown, with a skyline background. The sign is purple with a bunny and says FAST STOP 5 minute free parking
Photo of a parking sign downtown, with a skyline background. The sign is purple with a bunny and says FAST STOP 5-minute free parking

PBOT’s new 5-minute spaces are designed for anyone who needs to park for five minute or less, such as for: 

  • Picking up takeout from restaurants.

  • Picking up or dropping off items from food or retail delivery services.

  • Dropping off or picking up passengers from private vehicles, taxis, or ride-share like Uber and Lyft.  

What is the criteria for the placement of Fast Stops?

  • Fast Stops are intended to serve businesses in the area, they are not for the specific business to consider as their own or manage/regulate with their own signage.
  • At least two businesses on adjacent block faces must sign off on the Fast Stop, with contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, provided to PBOT Parking Control for confirmation.
  • No more than one Fast Stop per block (encompassing both sides of street)

How does a business apply for a Fast Stop?

Is there an existing short term parking space near your business we might add the Fast Stop signage?

Send an email to or call 503-823-7275 to start the process

Fast Stop and Short Term Parking Map  

Call the Parking Enforcement Hotline to report parking violations: 503-823-5195

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