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FAST STOP 5-Minute Parking Zones (Pilot)

New, permanent 5-minute parking zones from the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). Five pilot locations throughout the city for quick loading/unloading, prior to rolling out citywide. Inspired by the success of the Healthy Businesses program amid the Covid pandemic.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has created new, permanent 5-minute free parking zones for quick drop-offs and pickups. This was inspired by PBOT’s successful Healthy Businesses program to help support businesses amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting August 2021, PBOT is piloting these 5-minute zones in five locations throughout the city with an eye to roll them out citywide. 

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Photo of a parking sign downtown, with a skyline background. The sign is purple with a bunny and says FAST STOP 5 minute free parking

Who can use these FREE, 5-minute spaces? 

PBOT’s new 5-minute spaces are designed for anyone who needs to park for five minute or less, such as for: 

  • Picking up takeout from restaurants 

  • Picking up or dropping off items from food or retail delivery services 

  • Dropping off or picking up passengers from private vehicles, taxis, or ride-share like Uber and Lyft.  

Pilot locations  

PBOT is piloting 5-minute parking zones in the following five locations. In some areas there will be more than one 5-minute parking space: 

  • N Mississippi Avenue (near Failing Street) 

  • NW 23rd Avenue (at Savier Street) 

  • SE Division Street (between 30th and 36th avenues) 

  • SE Stark Street (at 80th Avenue) 

  • SW Harvey Milk Street (at 11th Avenue) 

Map of 5 Minute Fast Stop Pilot Locations
Map of 5 Minute Fast Stop Pilot Locations: Mississippi Street, NW 23rd Avenue, SE Division Street, SE Stark Street, SW Harvey Milk Street

Why this pilot?  

Through PBOT’s ongoing Healthy Businesses program amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we learned how vital is to make it easier and more convenient to patronize local businesses. We expect the 5-minute parking zones to build on that knowledge. Five-minute zones will also mean people will be circling less for a parking space, meaning less driving, less pollution, and less congestion. We also expect to see less double parking, so that delivery drivers are not blocking crosswalks or bike lanes, making streets safer. 

What’s next? 

PBOT will study these pilot locations before and after the new 5-minute parking zones go in this summer, to make sure they are working as intended. PBOT will also survey the community over the summer, including area businesses, private for-hire drivers, and other gig economy workers working in food or retail delivery.  

PBOT will review all this observation and feedback in the fall and make recommendations on how to proceed over the winter of 2021/2022. PBOT will determine the final criteria for 5-minute parking spaces, and update the Parking Management Manual with a way for businesses and business districts to request them. 

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Call the Parking Enforcement Hotline to report parking violations: 503-823-5195

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