Eliot Parking Study

Map showing streets where parking data was collected
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The Eliot parking permit pilot project began in October 2022 and here is an update on the project. 

Project timeline

Summer 2022 Scoping, Outreach, Recruit Task Force | Fall 2022 Task Force meetings begin, decide on parking study details and conduct parking study | Winter 2022/23 Review parking study data, case study and ideas from other places, decide on program goals | Spring/Summer 2023 Draft plan, open house, outreach | Winter 2023/24 Finalize plan, ballot (Jan/Feb), City Council hearing (Mar/Apr)

Parking Study Data

Parking occupancy and utilization data was collected on a "typical day" in late October 2022 from 8am-8pm and overnight between 2-4 am. This is standard practice for parking studies to get an objective sense of the parking demand through the day. The study showed that parking demand overall is low to moderate during a typical day. However, parking is constrained and difficult to find when there are large events nearby.

Map showing streets where parking data was collected