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a photo of a residential street with parked cars in front of houses in NE portland.
The Eliot Neighborhood asked the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) to study parking and transportation issues in Eliot. The planning began in fall 2022.
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Goals and benefits of parking management

The goal of parking management is to balance all the competing needs for on-street parking. Customers, commercial delivery drivers, and a growing population all need access to on-street parking.

Benefits of parking management include:

  • Better livability for residents
  • Better access to local businesses for customer and freight
  • Less congestion and carbon emissions
  • Better air quality and safety for everyone
  • Less illegal parking and fewer blocked driveways with regular enforcement

Proposed parking permit program

PBOT studied how parking is used in the Eliot neighborhood. Although demand for parking is low to moderate during a typical day, parking is difficult to find when there are large events at the Moda Center, Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Oregon Convention Center. View the parking study findings.

The goal of the proposed permit program is to prioritize on-street parking in the Eliot neighborhood for residents and their guests so that they can find parking when there are large events nearby.

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History and timeline

  • 2018: Portland City Council approves new Parking Permit Pilot Program 
  • 2019: The Eliot Neighborhood Association requested an area parking permit program, but failed
  • 2021: As PBOT developed the Lloyd Event District, they reengaged with the Eliot Neighborhood Association about parking issues in Eliot
  • April 2022: PBOT proposes working on and coordinating between two new plans simultaneously: the Boise Parking Plan and the Eliot Parking Pilot Plan
  • June 2022: Boise and Eliot neighborhood associations agree to coordinated approach
  • August - September 2022: Eliot Parking Task Force recruitment
  • October 2022 - Present: Eliot Parking Task Force meets
  • May 2023: PBOT holds open house and collects feedback on draft proposal

Project timeline

Summer 2022 Scoping, Outreach, Recruit Task Force | Fall 2022 Task Force meetings begin, decide on parking study details and conduct parking study | Winter 2022/23 Review parking study data, case study and ideas from other places, decide on program goals | Spring/Summer 2023 Draft plan, open house, outreach | Winter 2023/24 Finalize plan, ballot (Jan/Feb), City Council hearing (Mar/Apr)

Parking management videos

Two videos have been created to help explain why PBOT manages parking in Portland and the strategies that we use. The specific strategies chosen are tailored based off the needs of the neighborhood.

The video above explains why parking management is necessary and the important role it plays on preserving access to the shared resource of on-street parking.
The video above explains the different tools and strategies PBOT uses to help manage on-street parking.

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