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On-Street Disability Parking in Portland

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The City of Portland strives to balance the needs of our diverse community by preserving accessible parking for persons with disabilities. There are different rules for different types of placard holders and different parking situations. Refer to the guide below to help you with your parking needs.

*The following information applies to on-street public parking only, off-street parking facilities are privately owned and follow their own rules and regulations. 

I’m visiting a meter district and have a Wheelchair User or Wounded Warrior Parking Placard

Wheelchair and Wounded Warrior placards that can be used at Wheelchair User parkin spaces.
  • Vehicles can park at any metered space that is 30 minutes or more for free and stay as long as you need. You must display Wheelchair User or Wounded Warrior placard (Wounded Warrior placard look like the standard Disability placard, but have a black bar under the expiration date with the "Oregon Wounded Warrior" in white text).
  • There are dedicated Wheelchair User Only parking spaces, most with right side access. You can also park at any standard Disability Parking space. Click below on maps for desktop or mobile, wheelchair spaces marked with "W".

Disability Parking Map

Are you from a state that doesn't issue Wheelchair User placards? We have a free parking permit that you can apply for that will allow you to park at Wheelchair User Only parking stalls.

Apply for FREE permit

I’m visiting a meter district and have a Disabled Person Parking Placard

Standard and Temp ADA Placards
  • Vehicles must display a valid state Disability Placard
  • Vehicles can park at any metered space or designated Disability Parking space (excluding Wheelchair User spaces). Click below on maps for desktop or mobile, disability spaces marked with "D". There are also ADA stalls in all of the City owned SmartPark garages. 

Disability Parking Map

  • Vehicles must pay for parking. You can park in a 2HR zone, pay for 2 hours, and stay for 3 hours. In all other spaces of 3HR or more, you must pay for the amount you use. 
  • Options are available if you have difficulty operating a parking meter
    • Parking Kitty - Portland's mobile pay option available for Android, iOS devices, and on the web.
    • Scratch Offs - scratch off permits are single use permits you can display in your vehicle. The scratch offs are pre-paid by the user and can be used at any time.  

I’m visiting an Area Parking Permit Zone

  • Area Parking Permit zones have visitor parking limits that can only be exceeded with a permit or visitor pass. Click here to view a map of these areas.
  • If you do not have a resident, employee, or visitor permit for the area, you can only park as long as the posted visitor limit before you must move your vehicle out of the zone.
  • If you are visiting a resident of the area, contact them about a visitor permit.

I’m visiting a non-metered area and have a Disabled Person or Wheelchair User Parking Placard

  • Vehicles that display a Disabled Person or Wheelchair User Parking placard can park at any timestay space that is 1 hour or more for as long as you need. See maps below of dedicated parking stalls. There are also ADA stalls in all of the City owned SmartPark garages. 

Disability Parking Map

Please remember that only Wheelchair User placard holders can park in Wheelchair User only spaces.

I live or work in a neighborhood with parking meters and have a Disabled Person or Wheelchair User Parking Placard

Example of where parking would be allowed the a ADA parking permit.
  • You may be eligible for a monthly on-street parking permit. Permit prices are based on the meter district (click here to view current permit prices).
  • These permits are valid within three (3) blocks of the residence or place of work (see image as example).
  • Subsidized options are available for residents in subsidized housing.
  • Vehicles with Wheelchair user parking placards can park at any metered space that is 1 hour or more for free and stay as long as you need without an additional parking permit.
  • Click here to learn more

I live in a non-metered residential neighborhood and have a Disabled Person or Wheelchair User Parking Placard and off-street parking is not an option for me.

Residents that either don't have off-street parking, or their off-street parking has accessibility issues may request a disability parking space on-street next to their residence.

A property owner may request a disability parking space be placed along their fronting property when:

  1. Property is located outside of a metered or permitted zone and
  2. Property is zoned residential and
  3. There is no off-street parking (off-street parking space definition: An off-street parking space included parking lots, parking structures, garages, carports, driveways without carports or garages or any other legal parking space on private property) and
  4. There are no more than 2 disability spaces already on the block face or 500 feet of lineal curb feet from the requestor address and
  5. The property requesting accommodation is not on an unimproved roadway.

The city will contact all property owners adjacent to disability parking spaces by mail every 2 years to determine whether the space is still in use.

Please call or email the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) for more information. Phone: (503)-823-7275. Email:

If you parked on street and got a citation

You may have gotten a citation for various reasons, including: not paying for parking (only Wheelchair user and Wounded Warrior placard holders are exempt from paying), you stayed past the time limit, you used a standard Disability Placard in a wheelchair only space. 

First thing to do is check your citation photos. You will need your citation number (near the top, starts with HA), the citation date, and your license plate. You can view your citation photos here, but it can take up to 3 days for the photos to appear. 

For more information on paying or contesting a parking violation, visit "Pay and/or contest a parking ticket" web page.


Questions about Disabled User Parking Permits: Contact our permit team. Our customer service desk in the Portland Building at 1120 SW 5th Ave is no longer in operation. We are available via email at or via phone at 503-823-2777.

Questions about enforcing disability parking spaces on city streets contact our Parking Enforcement team at 503-823-5195

What to learn more about the Council Resolution that overhauled our on-street parking for the disability community? Click here for all the documents that were taken to Council in 2014. 

ADA Placards are issued by the Oregon DMV

To apply for a Disabled Person Parking Permit with the Oregon DMV, applicants must: 

  1. Have a valid Oregon Driver License or an Identification Card;
  2. Complete the Parking Permit for an Individual with a Disability application including a licensed physician’s signature; and
  3. Submit the completed application in person at a DMV office or by mail (depending upon the specific instructions listed on the Oregon DMV website for each type of permit) to:
    DMV Driver Issuance Unit
    1905 Lana Ave NE
    Salem, OR 97314


PBOT Area Parking Permits

phone number503-823-2777Call to discuss parking permit zones or issues with purchasing permits. Our customer service desk in the Portland Building at 1120 SW 5th Ave is no longer in operation.