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The Area Parking Permit Program (APPP) is an annual parking permit program designed to help alleviate commuter parking in residential areas. There are currently several zones in operation. More information can be found below.
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What is an Area Parking Permit?

An Area Parking Permit is an annual parking permit purchased by residents or businesses within an Area Parking Permit (APP) zone that allows you to park on street past the posted visitor time limits. 

If you are looking for a short-term parking permit for a moving truck, placing a storage container in a parking space, performing traffic control for utility work, closing a travel lane, or other short-term permits, you are looking for a Temporary Street Use Permit which is issued by the PBOT Permit Center

Area Parking Permit Zone Boundaries and Zone Details

Need to know if your residence or business is within an existing Area Parking Permit (APP) zone? Want to learn more about the restrictions for each zone? Explore the existing APPP zones through our interactive map

A map of the existing Area Parking Permit (APP) boundaries. Click to redirect to the interactive ArcGIS Online version.
Reference map of Area Parking Permit Zones. Click the link above for an interactive map where you can search for your address.

Permit Application

Apply for Parking Permit in the Online System

The Portland Bureau of Transportation launched a new online parking permit system in November 2020. First time applicants can click below. 

First time applicants

If you currently have a permit and need to renew your permit, you will receive renewal information roughly 4 weeks before the start of the new permit year. To access your account or update your current permit click below.

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Area Parking Permit Program Background and Supplemental Plans

The Area Parking Permit Program (APPP) began in 1981 in response to community concerns about commuter parking in neighborhoods. Commuter parking originates from outside the permit area and has no apparent connection or business within the permit area.

The program is designed to help people who live or work in areas with a commuter parking problem by creating a visitor time limit. Those who do have businesses or live in the area may apply to purchase a permit, allowing parking beyond the visitor limit.

There are currently several zones in operation.  Each zone’s boundaries, visitor time limits, and hours of operation are designed around the needs of the individual neighborhood. Each zone has their own combination of residentialbusiness, and visitor permits available for purchase. Neighborhood and/or Business Associations work with the Bureau of Transportation to create the rules for their particular zone.

For details about a particular zone including the permit start dates, visitor limits, and permit hours, see our interactive map.

Each APPP zone has a supplemental plan that details the policies and procedures for each zone. For more information on supplemental plans, click here. 

Interested in starting an Area Parking Permit Program or annexing into an existing one? 

The Area Parking Permit Program (APPP) must be initiated by affected residents and businesses seeking a remedy for the lack of available parking in their area due to commuter parking. Permit parking programs are not available in existing metered areas. A majority (greater than 60%) of the properties who vote, must vote in favor of the program before it is implemented. For information on starting an APPP, please see below.

For more information, please contact Nicole Powell at

Questions or Comments?

Please note that during busy renewal times, your call may be directed to the voicemail box. The APPP Permit Team will return your call as quickly as possible.