Apply for the Northwest Portland Zone M Bike Parking Fund Interest Form

The NW Bike Parking Fund, funded by the Zone M Parking Surcharge, is a cost sharing program to help encourage long-term bike parking facilities in residential, commercial and mixed-use properties.

10 minutes

Learn about the program

NW Portland building owners! Funds developed through the Zone M Parking Surcharge are being put to work in a new program, The NW Bike Parking Fund, which will allow you to establish or expand long term bike parking facilities in your residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. Here’s how it works: you provide the space and pay for installation, and the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will provide the bike parking equipment. Together, we will encourage more people to bike for transportation! Plus, as soon as any bike-parking equipment is purchased for your building, it becomes yours!

Eligibility & Requirements

Any residential, mixed use, or commercial building (or business in a building) in Zone M is eligible. Please see this map to see if your building is in Zone M.

The building must have space for access controlled, long-term storage; such as a garage or ground floor or accessible basement storage room, or outside fenced in area able to be covered.

Complete the Interest Form

Download and complete the Interest Form PDF

NW Portland Zone M Private Bike Fund Program Interest Form (317.87 KB)

Email or mail the completed form

Email your completed and signed form to the NW Parking Liaison. Staff will reach out to you to discuss your interest. 


Reach out to the NW Parking Liaison via email or phone.


Rae-Leigh Stark

Parking District Project Manager

Mailing address

PBOT - NW Parking Liaison
1120 SW 5th Ave #1331
Portland, OR 97204