Apply for a Disabled User Parking Permit

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) provides four types of parking permits for people with disabilities based on their needs. Each type is outlined below, along with the application. Applicants must have a valid Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) placard to apply.

Application should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Allow extra time to gather necessary supporting documents.

Determine the type of disability parking permit needed

Monthly disability permits for residents and employees in metered areas

  • Best for: residents and employees in metered area
  • How and where it can be used: within three blocks of a residence or workplace, allows users to park without paying the meter and can extend the time limit
  • How often do you need to renew: monthly
  • Price: varies based on district, check map here
  • Documents you need to provide: for residents – proof of place of residence (such as a utility bill); for employees – proof of place of employment (such as a pay stub); all applicants must provide copy of disability placard

Subsidized ADA permits for residents in metered areas

  • Best for: residents in a metered area living in subsidized housing
  • How it can be used: within three blocks of a residence, allows users to park without paying the meter and can extend the time limit
  • How often do you need to renew: annually
  • Price: FREE
  • Documents you need to provide: Recent award letter from HUD or other housing program, proof of place of residence (such as a lease), and copy of disability placard

Single-use scratch-offs for use in all metered areas

  • Best for: anyone who needs to stay longer than the posted time limit in a metered area
  • How it can be used: a single-use, scratch-off permit that allows users to park for either 4-hour, 6-hour, or all-day stays
  • Price: varies based on district and type, check map here
  • Documents you need to provide: current disability placard number

Out-of-state wheelchair users

  • Best for: residents of states that do not have wheelchair-user placards
  • How it can be used: this permit allows vehicles the same privileges as an Oregon state wheelchair placard when used within Portland city limits
  • Price: FREE
  • Documents you need to provide: copy of current disability placard, a certificate of disability completed by a licensed physician (form included on application)

Print and complete application

Be sure to provide any necessary documents listed in the permit when sending your application.

Application for monthly permits (all types)

Application for scratch-off permits

Application for out-of-state wheelchair user permits

Apply In Person

At this time we are not accepting in person applications. All applications must be mailed in. 

Mail In Application

If payment is required, make checks payable to the City of Portland.  Mail your application, supporting documents, and payment (if required).


PBOT Area Parking Permits

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