News Release: PBOT hires new officers, increases parking enforcement in neighborhoods

Press Release
With the hiring of new officers, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) expands operations to better enforce vehicle registration, missing license plates, and other common violations
Five newly hired parking enforcement officers for PBOT are sworn-in for duty this spring following City Council's approval to hire 22 new officers. Photo by PBOT.
Newly hired parking enforcement officers for PBOT are sworn-in for duty this spring following City Council's approval to hire 22 new officers. Photo by PBOT.

(June 25, 2024) The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will kick off a large expansion of their parking enforcement operations on July 8 in response to a significant spike in expired vehicle registrations and an increase in parking violations citywide.

At PBOT’s urging this spring, Portland City Council approved the hiring of 22 new parking enforcement officers. With this team now growing, PBOT Parking Enforcement has expanded operations to better enforce vehicle registration and parking violations citywide.

Officers will focus primarily on expired tags, missing plates, wrong-way parking, and vehicles blocking visibility at intersections. Additionally, officers will begin booting vehicles that have orders to tow issued by Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Helping people see each other at intersections can improve safety for everyone. Removing parking at intersections and crossings can make the location safer everyone. For example, people driving who are trying to pull out from side streets can better see oncoming drivers and wait for a gap. Pedestrians waiting to cross the street are more easily seen by people driving.

Officers will also continue to increase enforcement efforts in the metered and parking districts.

Alarming data

Recent data from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) shows an alarming number of Portland vehicle owners have let their registration lapse. A couple years ago this may have been exacerbated due to the pandemic, DMV delays, or the economy, but these factors are much less impactful today.

"Every Portlander deserves safe, well-maintained roads," said Commissioner Mingus Mapps. "When everyone follows the rules of the road and pays their fair share, we can keep our city moving smoothly. Vehicle registration fees are a crucial part of funding our transportation system. Plus, valid registration has been a requirement to legally drive in Oregon since 1905, ensuring our roads stay safe and reliable for everyone." 

"Addressing expired tags and other parking violations is of critical importance as we seek to maintain order and ensure safety in the public right-of-way," said PBOT Director Millicent Williams.

Typical violations and cost

Per city code, all vehicles in the right-of-way should be registered or have a valid temporary registration placard displayed properly. Vehicles should display both front and rear plates, face the correct direction on the street, and be parked no further than one foot from the curb in a legal parking spot. PBOT’s Parking Enforcement team routinely issues citations to comply with these and other state and city laws. In May, officers cited 2,400 vehicles for expired vehicle registration and 670 vehicles for missing license plates.

As increased enforcement begins, here are some of the most common violations officers expect to cite for during these missions, and their cost:


Failure to display current registration

Vehicles parked on the public right-of-way must have current registration or current permit.

$70 (for tags 0-90 days expired)

$145 (for tags 91+ days expired)

No front or rear plate

Vehicle does not have state–supplied front and rear plates mounted (both required).


Blocking view at intersection

Vehicles over 6’ in height must be a minimum of 50 feet away from the intersection.


Wrong way

You must park your vehicle facing in the direction of traffic when parallel or angle parking. Motorcycles may angle park in a parallel space. Failure to park in the direction of traffic may be subject to citation.


Visit PBOT’s Common Parking Violations and Bail (citation) Schedule page for a full list of violations and citation amounts. Frequently asked questions about vehicle booting can be found at

Registering your vehicle before a citation

For detailed instructions about how to renew your vehicle registration and how much it will cost, visit the Oregon DMV’s Vehicle Title, Registration & Permit Fees page. Instructions are available in multiple languages.