PBOT to unveil $32 million budget cut proposal, including cuts to programs and jobs, at a city council work session tomorrow

Press Release

(Sept. 25, 2023) The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will unveil $32 million in proposed budget cuts at a city council work session tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 26, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. This comes ahead of the upcoming budget planning season for Fiscal Year 2024-25.

The $32 million budget shortfall in PBOT’s discretionary General Transportation Revenues (GTR) comes after five years of budget cuts—totaling $20.5 million and 60 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions—as well as a historic drop in State Highway Fund and parking revenues.

Tuesday's budget cut proposal would eliminate significantly more positions and eliminate some programs. If implemented, the proposal would have major impacts across all transportation services, starting July 1, 2024. Layoff notices and some changes to services could start as early as spring 2024. 

This graphic shows the scale of budget cuts to transportation for the most recent five fiscal years, including the current fiscal 2023-23.

This graphic shows the scale of budget cuts to transportation for the most recent five fiscal years, including the current fiscal 2023-23. PBOT has cut $20.5 million, 59.5 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions and used $63 million in reserves.

During the work session, bureau staff will present data from public polls and surveys, conducted July 2023, about Portlanders’ transportation priorities. They will also share how this feedback informed the proposed budget cuts.  

PBOT manages over $18 billion in assets that are critical for keeping the city moving. The moment Portlanders walk out their door, they are interacting with the transportation system. Transportation programs are also crucial for building community, improving mobility, and supporting whole industries, like the bureau’s Outdoor Dining Program. Others are crucial for public safety and livability, like PBOT’s 823-SAFE traffic safety and livability hotline, snow plowing during winter storms, bridge maintenance, signal and streetlight inspections, and more. 

PBOT assets at a glance graphic shows the many public assets that transportation manages

This graphic shows the wide variety of assets that PBOT manages. To see a larger version of this image or to download it, see PBOT's assets at a glance website here.

Bureau officials will present several funding ideas that could raise enough revenue to prevent the cuts. If no new funding is directed to transportation for the fiscal year that starts July 1, 2024, Portlanders will see reductions in many major service areas.

The city council work session can be streamed online via YouTube or observed in person at city hall. Council chamber doors open to the public 15 minutes before the meeting starts. Learn more about visiting city hall to attend a council meeting. Please note, there is no public testimony during city council work sessions. Guidance on how to engage with city council can be found on the city’s website. 

Visit PBOT's new budget website here. It includes background on how the bureau is funded, an overview of recent cuts, and recent presentations. Look there for details on the budget proposal on Tuesday, after the city council work session. 


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