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A bicycle delivery company is featured in the first video in a series to showcase unique perspectives when it comes to Portland’s urban freight

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Watch our new video and take a survey about your experience with urban freight in Portland

PBOT partnered with B-line Sustainable Urban Delivery in a video for the 2040 Portland Freight Plan 

The B-line Sustainable Urban Delivery video for PBOT’s 2040Freight Plan is the first in a series of four videos that will feature unique perspectives from within Portland’s urban freight system. Closed captions are available.

Watch the 3 minute video now

(Jan. 26, 2022) When you close your eyes and think of “freight,” do you conjure up images of cargo bicycles? B-line Sustainable Urban Delivery is a local Portland company that uses electric cargo bikes to move important goods. They’ve partnered with the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) to help Portlanders learn more about their role in our urban freight system and what businesses like theirs might need for a sustainable and prosperous future serving the city. 

PBOT is working to address more sustainable urban freight and the reduction of carbon emissions from the movement of goods in its 2040 Portland Freight Plan, known as “2040Freight.” As our population and the economy grows, so does our consumption and the demands for transporting goods. If our goods continue to move the way they do now -- predominantly by diesel trucks -- our climate crisis will get worse instead of better. In June 2020, City Council issued a Climate Emergency Declaration which adopted a new target of achieving at least a 50% reduction in carbon emissions below 1990 levels by 2030 and net-zero carbon emissions before 2050 -- something 2040Freight will need to help accomplish during the twenty-year life of the plan.

This image shows a chart one line showing future emissions going over the target and another one with emissions going lower in "rapid decarbonization"

This graphic from a United Nations report shows that emissions must peak today, followed by rapid decarbonization or the global temperature will overshoot the temperature target and make it so that we cannot get back to a healthy and sustainable planet. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, by 2030, our climate future will be sealed. That’s why projects like 2040Freight are so important. Within the lifetime of this plan, we’ll know if we’ve gone too far. Learn more in a project video here. Source: UN Environment Programme and WMO, 2019   

Have your say: Take our survey today

PBOT also wants to hear from you. PBOT is asking community members and freight stakeholders to help us prioritize locations and projects that can support safe, equitable, efficient, and sustainable urban freight movement as part of the 2040Freight Plan. We’re inviting Portlanders to take a brief survey to help PBOT identify intersections, streets, curb, bridges, ramps, and neighborhoods where Portlanders experience urban freight-related safety and mobility concerns. 

The public survey closes Jan. 28 for the project team to investigate, evaluate, and prioritize projects for potential future investment. A subsequent draft list of prioritized projects will be made available for additional public comment and refinement later this spring. 

To take the survey today, learn more, or sign up for project updates, visit 


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