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Portland's Gravel Street Service will finish work in North Portland before moving to Portland's westside for Phase 3
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The Gravel Street Service improves the condition of Portland's gravel streets

(Sept. 29, 2020) The Portland Bureau of Transportation's (PBOT) Gravel Street Service has returned after a break due to Covid-19. The team is currently finishing work in North Portland before moving to Portland's westside.

Portland has over 50 miles of unpaved gravel roads which are not maintained by the city. PBOT's Gravel Street Service is free and improves the conditions of these roads by filling in ruts and potholes, then grading and graveling the street for a smoother surface. These smoothed-out streets help people get around their neighborhood and access their homes.

The Gravel Street Service began in 2018, kicking off a three-year cycle that rotates in phases to different areas of the city: Southeast, North and Northeast, and the westside.

Right now, the Gravel Street Service is working to complete Phase 2 this fall, which includes North Portland. Our crews were set to finish Phase 2 back in February 2020, but Covid-19 delayed our work. PBOT should be done with North Portland later this fall. Crews will then move to Phase 3 focusing on the westside beginning in early 2021.

"It's something that we started pre-Covid. It was a commitment that we made to Portlanders, and we prioritized it," said Michael Magee, PBOT's Street Systems Division Manager.

The Portland Gravel Street Service is PBOT’s new street improvement service for Portland’s gravel streets. Through this free service, PBOT crews are filling potholes and ruts and smoothing out gravel streets across the city.

Visit the Gravel Street Service map to learn where we will go next.

If you live on a street getting Gravel Street Service, there are some important things to keep in mind. Look for the door hangers and “No Parking” signs we will put out a few days before we start. While crews work, we will limit some parking and restrict traffic where we need to do our work safely and efficiently.

Our crews will work with you to make sure you can still access your home. If you need to use the street for any reason while crews work, be sure to call the PBOT Front Desk at 503-823-5185 during regular business hours so they can let our Gravel Street team know. 

For other ways to keep your gravel road maintained until it's your street's turn, check out our FAQ on gravel streets and other resources.


The start of the pandemic forced a delay in our service as we adjusted our staffing and work activities to ensure our crews’ safety during the public health emergency. With new procedures in place to protect our crews and fellow Portlanders, we have now resumed the Gravel Street Service. Thank you for giving our crews the space and time they need to keep our city moving.


Visit, for updated maps, our plans for upcoming years, and an FAQ.

The Gravel Street Service provides much-needed maintenance to Portland's streets
The Gravel Street Service provides much-needed maintenance to Portland's streets