News Blog: “Go By Greenways” in East Portland to Have Fun, Stay Healthy and Win Great Prizes!

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Play the recently launched Go By Greenways game over the next four weeks and get to know Portland’s newest neighborhood greenways
Two cartoon zebras, one smaller and wearing a cute purple backpack, are playing Go By Greenways on a sunny day. The text reads Go By Greenways
A banner with logo that reads "Go By Greenways" and illustration of zebra character walking

(Aug. 27, 2020) Zebras? Hiding in East Portland? It’s true! And it’s all part of the Go By Greenways game, launching this week in East Portland.

Go By Greenways is a scavenger hunt game that you can play while exploring two newly completed neighborhood greenways in East Portland: one called the HOP Greenway which runs along NE Holladay, Oregon, and Pacific streets, and one called the 130s Greenway which runs north-south between the SE Foster Road and I-84 (view a map of the HOP and 130s greenways).

A family stops for a selfie while playing Go By Greenways at SE Mill Street
A family stops for a selfie while playing Go By Greenways at SE Mill Street.

Walking, rolling or cycling on neighborhood greenways are great ways to exercise and get around during Covid-19. Greenways are low traffic, slow speed limit streets where bicycles, pedestrians and neighbors are given priority. They connect neighborhoods, parks, shopping centers, restaurants and more so you can leave the car at home. PBOT plans to build out 25 miles of new neighborhood greenways in East Portland over the next few years. The Go By Greenways game is designed to encourage East Portlanders to explore the HOP and 130s greenways and experience these new community amenities firsthand.

Playing the Go By Greenways game is easy:

  1. Explore the Go By Greenways map to see where you can find the PBOT Zebra along the greenways and at nearby businesses.
  2. Walk, bike, or roll in the greenways to find the PBOT Zebra sign. Don’t forget to wear a mask and stay 6 ft apart!
  3. Text the key word on the sign to 319-96, and you're automatically entered to win prizes!
  4. Find more zebras to earn more entries.

Participants will be entered to win two grand prize $500 Fred Meyer gift cards. Players will also be eligible to win prizes from local businesses in the neighborhoods around the greenways. We will be doing weekly drawings for prizes until the game ends on September 20, 2020. As you play, share the fun with your friends and neighbors by tagging #GoByGreenways on social media!

Take a look at the HOP Neighborhood Greenway by watching this video and learn about some of the interesting features you’ll find along the way:

Take a virtual ride with PBOT on the HOP Neighborhood Greenway which runs along NE Holladay, Oregon, and Pacific streets in East Portland.

In addition to Go By Greenways, PBOT took an additional step to make it easier and safer for Portlanders to walk and bike. On Tuesday, PBOT added an additional 15 miles of roadways to its Slow Streets program as part of the bureau’s Safe Streets Initiative in response to the Covid-19 public health crisis.

The Safe Streets initiative turns sections of streets into “local access only.” The intent is to help limit traffic to essential trips (including emergency access) and deliveries. It will make these streets more accessible for everyone, providing more space to get outside while staying close to home. 79 additional intersections have had signage installed. View a map of all the locations here.

Ready to start playing? Visit for more details and see you soon on the greenway!