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C-Tran Bike Lockers

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Park and Ride in the North, too!

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If you are commuting from Clark County, C-Tran is a great option for getting downtown.  There are express lines, new hybrid buses, and huge savings for your pocket book and mental sanity!

But perhaps you're a couple of miles from the nearest transit center or you want to get a little exercise before sitting on the bus - then what?  Why not do a Portland-style Park-and-Ride? 

So, what's a Portland style Park-and-Ride?  Simply, conduct your Park-and-Ride as you normally would, except use your bike instead of your car and use one of C-Tran's secure bike lockers to keep your bike safe.  Then climb aboard your express bus downtown!

C-Tran operates secure bike lockers at 3 transit centers:

  • 99th Street Transit Center at Stockford Village
  • Fisher's Landing Transit Center
  • Salmon Creek Park & Ride

Call 360-695-0123 about availability and pricing.  And if you need a Vancouver or Clark County bike map, click here!

 [originally posted 12/2008; updated 3/2020]