News Blog: Portland's Transportation Wallet now available in NW Portland

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PBOT expands its Transportation Wallet program by partnering with the NW Parking District to manage parking demand and reduce congestion
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(Feb. 21, 2018)  Waking up to a second day of snow and ice this morning, Portlanders are hopping on transit, strapping on snow boots or riding a bike to get to where they need to go. And now the Portland Bureau of Transportation is expanding its Transportation Wallet service to keep Portland moving, through #SnowJam2018 and beyond.

People who live or work in the NW Parking District can now purchase a "Transportation Wallet" – three transportation passes for only $99:

  • $100 TriMet Hop Card,
  • an annual BIKETOWN Membership, AND
  • an annual Portland Streetcar Pass.

This is a $684 value! A portion of the parking permit fees that NW residents and employees pay go to provide Transportation Wallet's discount. Get your Transportation Wallet today at

The expansion of the program follows after a successful launch of the Transportation Wallet in partnership with the Central Eastside Industrial District Council, where PBOT teamed up with the parking district to encourage walking, taking transit, and bicycling in the districts.

The Transportation Wallet is a helpful tool for employers and residents alike.

“The Transportation Wallet is an awesome service," said Rachel Consolo, Lloyd Center Pharmacy Operations Manager. "We can't thank [PBOT] enough!!”

The Transportation Wallet is one of many approaches to address parking demand and congestion in these two dense areas of Portland. Switching even just a few trips from driving to other modes creates more available parking and helps alleviate traffic, a win for everyone, no matter how you get around.

Employees and residents in the NW Parking District and Central Eastside Industrial District can get their Transportation Wallet today at