Memorial Day closure

Most City of Portland offices will be closed Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day.

Sweet Side Winners!

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We received so many great responses!  Some were hilarious, some were earnest, and some we're downright nutty and we appreciate every single one.

Check out some of the winners below and watch the mail for a sweet treat!

Mac - The 51 is my number one sweetheart because it stops just outside my front door near Vista to carry me into the city. If I could change two things about my beloved 51, I would request: 1) it stayed up later to whisk me back home from the city, and 2) it visited me on Saturday. :)

Amanda - I'd marry my bike, but my husband might get jealous.

Ali - Definitely walking. This time of year you can be walking down the sidewalk and a daphne will reach out with its scent and stop you in your tracks.

Dana - Myself, my wife and a fellow co-cower carpool daily from Troutdale to the Nato & Davis Smart Park. We then hop on MAX to SW Morrison and 3rd and walk the last 3 blocks to work. When it’s not raining we walk the mile from the Smart Park to our offices. Each day we use three modes of transportation not only for our benefit but for the environment as well. Carpooling, MAX and walking. Can't get any better than that!

Kari - My sweetheart is Linus - the newest addition to our family. Linus is a bright lipstick red 3-speed cruiser bike... With Linus, there is no hurry...just a simple, chill ride from meeting to meeting with a fresh spring daffodil in the small vase on the handlebar and a wooden basket to hold my meeting notes and files. Nothing sweeter than Linus.

Mike - I love riding into work with my sweetheart. The best is when we're on side streets and can ride side by side and chat, just like if we were car commuting. If only my coffee cup was easier to reach.

Thanks again for participating and keep an eye out for the next chance to earn great incentives through Commuter Central.