Who's driving downtown?

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From the Vancouver Sun (British Columbia):

"It's finally time to turn over a new leaf and walk at least part of the way to work. You can drive part of the way and walk the rest or combine walking and transit. You will burn calories. You will not pollute. You will feel a bit smug.

And this month there will be thousands like you -- burned by high gas prices, frustrated by traffic congestion, given the finger once too often - tramping to work in the morning mist.

Evidence is ample that the revolution has already come to the City of Vancouver. Most trips in the downtown area (60 per cent) include walking or a combination of transit, cycling or walking."

That's darn good.  Did you know that Portland is right up there too?

According to the latest Portland Business Alliance business survey, 52% of Portland's downtown commutes are by transit, biking, or walking.  Of course, that leaves us some room to get more of our co-workers trying a new mode.

Remember: information is power.  So tell your co-workers about SmartTrips Downtown so they can be powerfully informed!