Traffic Alert: West Burnside has reopened to eastbound and westbound travel after Wednesday night landslide

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Workers clearing landslde

PBOT crews cleared more than 200 cubic yards of debris and vegetation from the landslide on West Burnside on Thursday and Friday. In this photo from Friday, they use heavy equipment to clear the area. Photo by Cameron Glasgow, Portland Bureau of Transportation. 

(4:45 p.m. Jan. 20, 2017) The Portland Bureau of Transportation advises the traveling public that West Burnside Street has been reopened with one lane of travel in each direction. Travelers should use caution and observe traffic control signage in the area, as the location of lanes has shifted slightly. 

PBOT engineers and maintenance crews, foresters from Portland Parks & Recreation worked to clear the site and make it safe, coordinating work with a nearby landowner. Bureau of Development Services inspected the site to make sure private property was safe. 

WATCH VIDEO: 100-foot tall Douglas fir tree being felled from the slide, after the top half was cut off: 

About 200 feet of West Burnside closest to the slide has been reduced to one lane each direction, down from two lanes westbound and one lane eastbound. Travelers should use caution and be mindful of the orange traffic delineators and signage that mark the area. 

West Burnside is open to traffic

Debris continues to fall from the 50-foot tall landslide that looms over the north side of the roadway. The area of the slide is shallow enough that engineers decided it was safe to reopen part of the roadway to traffic. Jersey barriers are in place to catch any debris that might fall from the slide. At this time, there is no estimate for when the additional westbound travel lane may be reopened. 

PBOT crews cleared more than 200 cubic yards of fallen soil and vegetation from the area, which had been closed since about 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2016. 

Given the size of the slide and its location adjacent to the roadway, and with a house right above the slide, it is important for PBOT engineers to ensure the stability of the hillside in order to protect the safety of the traveling public and city workers. 

Numerous downed trees were cleared before PBOT engineers could get a clear view of the scene and assess what was needed to make the roadway safe for city crews and the public. 

A 100-foot tall Douglas fir tree adjacent to a home was removed by a contractor for the homeowner. Crews from Portland Parks & Recreation urban forestry removed other trees in the slide area. 

(Photos by Portland Bureau of Transportation) 

Workers secure landslide

Work to secure the landslide continued on Friday. Photo by Dylan Rivera, Portland Bureau of Transportation.  


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