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UPDATED: Winners! March Blog Promo: Options Gone Wild!

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We've got our Options Gone Wild! winners announced...

Our two runner-ups are Sonja and Gretchen.  They each win one of our "Spring into Options" kits!  Sonja dreams of an instantly choreographed dance (a la "Fame") on the train), while Gretchen told about her impromptu jam session between orchestral musician (mandolin, no less) and young guitar troubadour!

Our grand prize winner is Jon who wasn't hallucinating when he saw a man pop out of the ground before his very eyes on his bike ride to work.  Jon wins a $50 gift card to US Outdoor Store!  Here's Jon's story:

It was an Early Sunday morning as I rode my bike into work in SE. It was a bright crisp morning with only the distant hum of an occasional car as any indication that I wasn't the last man on Earth. Suddenly, about fifty feet in front of me, a manhole removed itself. Low and Behold as I rode past, a man emerged from the hole and said "hello". He did not appear to be a worker of some sort, I did not respond. This is absolutely true.

Thanks for participating and keep an eye out for next month's promo!

It’s Spring Break.  It was almost 70 degrees this past weekend.  The trees are blooming.  It’s time to get wild with transportation options!

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Is this a bike-pool to work? 


We know about zoo-bombers.  We’ve seen people swinging on trains in San Francisco.  We’ve read about so-called extreme commuters who drive hundreds of miles to work everyday (bummer for them).  

Now, we want to know about your Options Gone Wild!  It can either be your crazy commute story, one that you heard, or one you just make up.

Leave a comment to enter into the contest.  We’ll pick three winners: one will get a $50 gift card to the US Outdoor Store and two will win “Spring into Options” kits, with tons of cool stuff to get you outside and moving this spring!

Check back here to read the stories and see if you’re one of the winners!