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News Release: PBOT survey seeks input from people with disabilities on taxis and other private for hire transportation services

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(June 28, 2016)  – The Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Private for Hire Transportation Advisory Committee are seeking public input on transportation service for people with disabilities. With an online survey launched today, people with disabilities can tell the City about their experiences using taxis or Transportation Network Companies such as Uber and Lyft.

Take the survey now at 

“Transportation access for people with disabilities is a top priority for the private for hire program, and we need your help to make improvements,” said City Commissioner Steve Novick, who oversees PBOT. “Please take a few minutes right now to complete the survey.”

PBOT and the committee will use input from the survey to improve service for people with disabilities. While the City requires taxis and TNCs to serve everyone, there is limited information available on current wheelchair-accessible vehicle use and the potential demand for the service. There is also very limited information on transportation service needs for people with other types of disabilities, such as limited hearing or vision.

PBOT seeks to ensure that people with disabilities have access to taxis and TNCs as equivalent as possible to service provided to people without disabilities. Learn more about private for hire transportation at

The survey will be available online for three weeks. The web site does not allow users to take it multiple times.


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