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News Release: Installation of new parking meters begins in the Central Eastside Industrial District

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(June 21, 2016)  – The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) announced today that it will begin installing 29 parking meters along selected streets in the Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID), including along E. Burnside, NE Grand, NE MLK and SE 6th Avenue (see map below). The bureau will also upgrade 13 older meters with the latest model. With this installation, PBOT takes a significant step toward implementing the next phase of the Central Eastside Parking Management Plan. Adopted by City Council in June 2012, the Management Parking Plan was the result of a collaborative planning process between PBOT, business owners and neighborhood representatives.

The Central Eastside is already seeing an increase in density as a result of ongoing residential and commercial development in the area. As a result, the Central Eastside Industrial District continues to work with PBOT to manage the increasing demand for limited on-street parking. The new parking meters will serve as an important tool in helping PBOT, in partnership with community stakeholders, work to meet this goal.

“Given the extensive development taking place in the central city, it remains incumbent upon PBOT to continue to work to balance the demand for on-street parking in order to support area businesses and future housing demand,” said PBOT Director Leah Treat. “Parking meters will help support rapidly growing businesses, their customers and other visitors to the area.”

“Both the existing as well as the new meters to be installed will be located in and around the Grand/King commercial corridor of the CEID,” Said Michael Bolliger of Bolliger & Sons Insurance and a member of Central Eastside Industrial Council's (CEIC) Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee's (TPAC) subcommittee. “In this area we are working hard to achieve a balance between employee parking and customer parking for the district’s service and retail businesses. We hope these meters will provide a similar solution as they have in other parts of the Central city with high parking demands.”

The parking meters being installed in the Central Eastside are the same model installed in NW Portland earlier this year.  The meters in NW Portland have performed very well, processing tens of thousands of transactions a month with extremely low rates of customer service difficulties.

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