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It's almost July.  It almost feels like summer.  It's just about time for the Carefree Commuter Challenge! 

Sign up for the challenge and enter to win a $15 iTunes gift card or one of our Super Summer Schwag kits with a bike bell, pedometer, "Walk There" book, list of guided walks and bike rides, our coveted "bike map bandanna" and more! 

Just send us a quick email letting us know that you signed up for the challenge, or leave a comment below for a chance to win the iTunes gift card or one of our fun kits.

Why should you participate in the Carefree Commuter Challenge?  Well, I could list all of the health benefits for you and your community, all the money you can save, all the stress you can avoid, or all the fun you could have - but you're sick of hearing me go on about that.  So how's this - PRIZES?!

  • Gift certificates to tons of area bike shops and outdoor stores
  • Free weekend getaways at regional lodges and B & B's.
  • Restaurants gift cards
  • Zipcar memberships and free driving credit
  • Wine tours, book stores, and more!
  • Oh, and CASH!

Here's how to sign up for the challenge.

  1. Register yourself as a New User at by clicking "new user" at the top of the left side bar.  (Even if you are registered on the Trip Diary, register again.)
  2. Choose your employer for the list.  If you're employer is not listed you may enter the company name yourself
  3. Make sure to click "Carefree Commuter Challenge" when you register.
  4. Log your trips and win great prizes!

If you are having trouble signing up or logging trips, more detailed instructions are available.

You have two missions, should you choose to accept them:

  1. Sign up for the Carefree Commuter Challenge
  2. Email us for a chance to win iTunes gift cards or one of our Super Summer Schwag kits.

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