News Release: Don't get towed when Leaf Day pickup comes to NW Portland next week!

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(Nov. 22, 2016) – "Don't get towed!" is the Portland Bureau of Transportation's message this week, as we approach the annual start of Leaf Day pickup in Northwest Portland on Monday Nov. 28, when crews will call in tow trucks to remove vehicles for Leaf Day service.

PBOT's Leaf Day program posts "no parking" signs 48 hours in advance of Leaf Day service in areas where neighborhood leaders have asked us to remove vehicles to provide an effective leaf pickup service. Areas include Northwest Portland, Goose Hollow in Southwest Portland and Sullivan's Gulch in Northeast Portland. Anyone who parks a car on the street in those areas -- whether you live, work or shop there -- needs to be on the lookout for "no parking" signs. In advance of the Thanksgiving holiday, PBOT will post "no parking" signs on Wednesday, Nov. 23 in Leaf District NW 4, which will be swept on Monday, Nov. 28.

This year, PBOT is offering text message reminders of Leaf Day service in areas where we tow vehicles.

Remind your neighbors about Leaf Day by asking them to subscribe to weekly Leaf Day reminders by email.

Would you like text message reminders about towing days? Click here to sign up.

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Obey "no parking" signs in Leaf Districts or face towing in Northwest Portland, Goose Hollow and Sullivan's Gulch. This is an example of the type of signs PBOT uses to warn people who park on the street. Signs will include the phone number for recovering a vehicle: 503-823-0044. Photo by Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Here are the scheduled dates for Leaf Day districts where vehicles are towed because of neighborhoods' interest in providing the cleanest sweep possible. Most are in Northwest Portland. To reduce the impact to the public, parking restrictions are limited to two hours, 7 to 9 a.m., in all areas except Sullivan's Gulch, where parking is restricted from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Monday, Nov. 28: NW 4
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30: NW 2
  • Friday, Dec. 2: NW 3
  • Monday, Dec. 5: NW 7
  • Wednesday, Dec. 7: NW 9
  • Friday, Dec. 9: NW 6
  • Monday, Dec. 12: SW 1 (Goose Hollow)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 14: SW 2 (Goose Hollow)
  • Friday, Dec. 16: NW 8 
  • Friday, Dec. 16: NE 14 (Sullivan's Gulch) 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Any cars on the street during Leaf Day in these neighborhoods will be towed at their owners' expense. The current contractual cost of a tow is $168. The cost to store a towed vehicle past the initial four hours is $25 per day. To locate your vehicle, call Police Auto Records at 503-823-0044.

Browse our interactive map to locate your Leaf District's boundaries and service dates

Click on a Leaf District to see details of service dates and district boundaries. District numbers that say "clean sweep" on the pop up details are areas where we call tow trucks if you are parked on a block where "no parking" signs are posted. For example, NW 3 is labeled Northwest 3 (Inner West Clean Sweep).

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Live or work in a Leaf District?

Check your Leaf Day brochure for more details

Each year, PBOT sends Leaf Day brochures to thousands of addresses in leaf districts. Those brochures include maps and information about towing in areas where we call for towing to get the most effective sweep possible.

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From mid-November to mid-December, removing leaves from our streets is critical because letting them stay on the street can clog storm drains, flood intersections and make streets slippery. Our Leaf Day Pickup program is about getting the leaves cleaned up in a way that makes a better, healthier and safer Portland.

Want us to tow cars in your Leaf District?

Email the Leaf Day Program, contact your neighborhood association and work with your neighbors to request it


Contact Portland's Leaf Day Program:

503-865-LEAF (5323)