News Release: The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) releases statement regarding Cale Group’s Open Letter to Customers

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(August 10, 2015) This May, federal prosecutors released documents indicating that in 2006 George Levey, the owner of a former independent distributor of Cale parking meters, copied some of his employees on emails describing Levey’s efforts to secure Portland’s parking meter business with the inside help of then-parking manager Ellis McCoy. Subsequently, those employees went to work for Cale America, the company that currently holds the contract for the City’s parking meters.

Today, the Cale Group, which includes Cale America, sent an open letter to its customers outlining the steps the company has taken and will take regarding the May revelations. These steps include a recently concluded internal investigation to determine whether any Cale Group employee was involved in or had knowledge of George Levey’s illegal activities. The company has also undertaken management changes that mean two senior employees of Cale America who had previously worked for George Levey will no longer be with the Cale Group.

The company also announced that it will take several forward looking steps to sever any “perceived connection” to the past illegal activities of George Levey. These include a new code of conduct for Cale America employees; annual ethics, procurement and anti-corruption training for Cale America employees; and measures to increase transparency and accountability in the company’s record retention process.

PBOT acknowledges the steps that the Cale Group has taken. PBOT is committed to transparency and to the integrity of the contracting process. Given this, PBOT will now take steps to review the Cale Group’s process and findings. Through the City Attorney, PBOT has retained the law firm of Stoll Berne as outside counsel to undertake an independent legal review. The outcome of this review will help to determine PBOT’s future actions regarding the Cale Group and its business with the City.


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