Three tips for keeping cool while staying active

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An air-conditioned drive may not be the best option during a heat wave
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(June 26, 2015)  With temperatures on the rise it’s good to keep cool and be hydrated.  But that doesn’t mean you have to hide in the basement.  Here are some tips for staying active when summer hits hard:

-        Try being active earlier or later in the day:  An early morning bike ride lets you get the blood flowing before the mercury starts going.  A later evening walk can be a pleasant way to get out of a stuffy house or apartment while enjoying a balmy breeze and less traffic on the streets.

Snapshot of NE Bike Walk Map
-        Check the map: Your handy Portland Neighborhood Bike/Walk Map shows great locations like swimming pools, public fountains (both for splashing in and drinking from), and even boat docks where you can launch your rubber raft or go for a dip. (And yes, the water’s fine in the Willamette.  You can check weekly water quality test results here.)

-        Know where to go when it’s sweltering: Multnomah County has this online tool to find places to stay cool including libraries, air conditioned public buildings and senior cooling centers. 

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