Invitation: Celebrating Portland's First Pedestrian Scramble Crossing

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Join us to celebrate Portland's first pedestrian scramble crossing!
Opening remarks by Commissioner Steve Novick & Transportation Director Leah Treat
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 10:00 AM
NW 11th Avenue + Couch Street

A pedestrian scramble, also called a “Barnes Dance” after 20th century traffic engineer Henry Barnes, is an intersection where vehicle traffic halts in all directions and the intersection is given over to people who are walking.

During the scramble, people may cross the intersection in all directions – including diagonally. The new crossing at 11th and Couch is the first of its kind in Portland. To celebrate our new Barnes Dance, we’re having a barn dance. We’re inviting Portlanders to come join in the fun and celebrate another step to making Portland one of the best cities for getting around.

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